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Mental Science and Metaphysics: Discover the Power of your Mind and Create Abundance

Metaphysics: Learning to Think is Learning to Live.

The metaphysics helps to deeply understand this expression and with it opens a path with which to explore infinite possibilities to have a happy, harmonious and successful life. A balanced and healthy mental health is the goal of the metaphysics.

And here, in Metanoia 8, we are going to show you how to live and transform your mind and heart to achieve your goals.

It's not easy, but it's not hard either if you know how to do it.

It becomes arduous to Cultivate the Mental Health if you go without a compass or GPS, listening to one person's and another's advice, self-help from people who have not shown how to think either, as happens to practically everyone.

In some or all aspects of our life, we do NOT know how to think in order to act and achieve what we desire. We have good intentions but we get deflated and make the same mistake over and over again.

But, although it is neither easy nor difficult, it is a very satisfying path when you are accompanied by the guidance of people who have "been there" in those states of happiness, love, harmony and success continuously and who are in charge of their mental attitude.

There are few people who have achieved this Mental Statebut they are so forceful that Learning to Think for Living, becomes a child's game with the right tools to get your mind full of light.

Happiness, Harmony, Success and Love, is a Mental State, a Mental Attitude.

For me, learning this, it has cost me to experience living in an unstructured family, abuse, several broken relationships, identity problems, several different jobs with career changes, going through such poverty of not even having enough to eat, your whole family against you for having criteria outside the socially established in the way of acting without the single thinking that exists in society.

All this over a period of 50 years.

And in the last 2 years, losing my Virtual Reality company due to the Covid-19 pandemic, moving to another city, reinventing myself again with another profession, losing my (new) partner and a Colon Cancer.

But believe me when I tell you, the worst disease, or the worst adversity I have ever had in my life, have always been my thoughtsThe kind of how they were and not being able to stop them, always recurring and dominating me.

That is the worst disease and the worst failure of my life. That thoughts and emotions dominated my life like a runaway horse.

If this, from the Mental Science if they taught it to us at school.... another "rooster" would sing for us!

What is Metanoia 8 ?

Metanoia 8 is a website where you will find all the tools that have really worked for me to learn how to live, with a Mental Health I want to share it with you so that you can benefit from as many years of research (a lifetime) as I have, but above all, so that you can get straight to the point.

Straight to the root of the problem and the solution.

No, it's not pseudo self-help, believe me, I've consumed a lot of that.

It is Mental Science.

It is to treat the Mind "Scientifically", with concrete processes and procedures for Mental Health.

Metanoia 8 is made up of different sections where you can find exercises in the form of Metaphysical Sentences, Decrees of Metaphysics o Quantum Physics and Mental Cleansing ExercisesA "Dictionary" of terms and software to help you implement and practice these teachings from the greatest writers and authorities on the subject of thinking.

These teachings and materials are not mine, just a compilation of all the formulas that help you learn to think and learn to live with exercises of regeneration of the way of thinking.

There is very little theory and a lot of practice.

If you need it, there is a list of books on mental science in which we add links all over the web that you can buy and expand your knowledge. Which I totally RECOMMEND, since understanding the meaning of self-awareness and be able to conducting your mind in a scientific way It gives you the right to the greatest freedom ever expressed to do or undo without limitation and, above all, the possibility of reaching a universe of potentiality in your life never imagined until now.

No, it's not mere words, it's not a sales pitch, it's not self-help substitutes, nor piscology, believe me, I've tried all that and it never worked for me.

I've tried everything, I've traveled to the other continent in search of answers, I've spent an infinity of money in material and courses, as well as time.

All this helped me yes, but never managed to recondition my mind to a correct way of thinking and living, because I have always fallen again and again on the same stone, not controlling my emotions, actions and thoughts. Over and over again repeating the same scenes with different supporting actors but with the same person as the main character..... ME.

I take care not only of the physical body, but also of the mind, it must be exercised and cleansed, and nourished as we do with the body. It is a daily feeding and cleaning. It is a long road, not a short one. It is to render the same cult to the body and the mind in the same proportions.

It is through my experience of many years behind happiness and that after these last few months in which I apply every day, I have happiness in front of me ALL every day, 24/7, thanks to the Mental Science and the application of this every day.

Because it is a mental attitude.

Because with it I have been able to survive so many serious problems or difficult situations, as well as the smallest ones, and to have unlimited abundance of peace of mind, love and harmony in my life.

For those who are interested, here is some information about the technicalities of Metanoia, MetaphysicsMental Science among other things. I also put it so that it positions better on the web and so it is closer to the people, although it never hurts to know, the best, what has more "chicha" is in the menus with the material of mental science.

If you already know what Mental Science is all about, I leave you in the menu links valuable resources for your consumption that, for me in particular, have literally saved my life.

I also leave you a list of Mental Science Writers who are either Mental Science pioneers or pioneers in New Thought as well.

And believe that the same thing will happen to you. If not, try me and you will see what wonderful results. I only ask you to persist, even if you hesitate or whatever happens to you, persist. It's worth it, believe me.

I also leave you a button for Donate Now whatever you consider for "making it easy for you" or your commitment that when your desire for Money, Abundance or Prosperity, Health, Love, Work or any other kind comes true, you help me to continue making it easy for other people.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see you soon walking beside me in peace and happiness.

Warm regards.

What is the meaning of the word Metanoia?

The term metanoia derives from the Ancient Greek terms μετά (metá) (which means "beyond". or "after") and νόος (noeō) (which means "perception" or "understanding" or "mind"), and acquires different meanings in different contexts.

Metanoia is referred to as a Deep Transformation of Heart and Mind in a Positive Way.

There are theologians who suggest that metanoia is an examination of all life activity and a transformation of the way people and things are seen and accepted.

The word Metanoia is also used in Christian theology towards transformation or conversion understood as a inner movement that arises in every person who is dissatisfied with himself.

It denotes a process of reforming the psyche as a means of self-healing.

Metanoia is a change of focus, a change from one perspective to another, it is related to perception.

What is Mental Science?

Mental Science, a scientific term for spirituality metaphysicshas been derived from the philosophy of Ernest Holmes (1887-1860).

The term scientific mental republic generally refers to teachings, while religious sciences describe organizations.

However, many followers prefer the latter term. Ernest Holmes argued that religions are an underlying connection between science, philosophy and human needs and aspirations in both genders.

The Science of Mind is the study of the substance that makes up the mind, the thought and energy that is created in the brain with the different connections of neurons and their processes.

The Science of Mind is the study of the life and nature of the laws of thought.

In other words, it is a MENTAL REACONDITIONING.

What is the Metaphysics?

The word Metaphysics comes from the Greek which means beyond the physical that which cannot be perceived by the common senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell).

The Metaphysics (or first philosophy) is a branch of philosophy that studies the structure, components and fundamental concepts of nature in real life.

Often in metaphysical terms one can refer to a branch in philosophy that deals with the study of nature, the world and its elements.

This includes clarification/exploration of some fundamental notion that we understand worlds as a whole as entities. The metaphysics is the fundamental branch of philosophy, like logic and epistemology.

It has been investigated by philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle and others.

The result involves both the observation and reformulation of a series of fundamental ideas about the world and our way of life. Metaphysics - is the study of the existence and reality of objects and phenomena. The metaphysics has been called the first philosopher of antiquity.

At that time it was not possible to prove reality through logical theory or scientific method.


It is commonly called metaphysics in the area of philosophy that focuses on the study of life that cannot be explained in other sciences.

Metaphysics pretends to study everything on Earth in an inverted way from the results of real or scientific experiments. In this case everything is good; everything possesses an inner feeling far above what is reasonably realistic. Advertising.

History of the metaphysics

The word metaphysics originates from the work compiled by Aristotle in fourteen volumes in separate papyrus rolls, originating from different topics of philosophy.

In antiquity the concept did not mean a specific discipline for an internal philosopher, but a collection of Aristotle's scrolls.

Philosophy metaphysics was referred to as natural philosophy before science was invented and the easiest method to prove reality was the deduction of logical laws by thought.

Main scholars of the metaphysics

Some of the best philosopher-scientists in this field were the ancient Greek philosophersThe most important of these were the thinkers of the pre-Socratic tradition, such as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, but also the thinkers of the pre-Socratic tradition, such as Parmenides, the founder of ontology.

Other sites say that Aristotle is considered to be the father of the metaphysicsbut Parmenides was his predecessor.

The 9 Most Outstanding Metaphysical Philosophers +1, Most Outstanding

The main metaphysical philosophers date mostly from the years before Christ.


The most prominent and least recognized philosopher by the popular mass of the human race was... Jesus in THE BIBLE.

The Bible is the book of metaphysics greatest in history and the least recognized of all human beings.

The bible is an allegory of constant formulas and indications of how we have to live our life from our Inner Self.

An allegory is a story in which the characters and/or events are symbols that represent other events, ideas or people.

Allegory is a literary device in which a story or narrative is used to convey truths about reality.

The term "allegory" comes from two Greek words: alla (other) and agoreuo (to proclaim).

Allegory is generally defined as an extended metaphor. It has the same relationship to the parable as the parable has to the simile.

In other words, in a more current and colloquial way, it is as if we were watching a movie or a series or a book where we are told some stories.

The Bible contains many situations of allegories that are used to explain spiritual truths.

For example:

El Cielo " its translation would be " to have Peace of Mind and a clear conscience.

The Infirerno / Satan / Diablo " its translation would be " Living in FearWe are in torment or a torrent of thoughts that do not even let us sleep.

God " its translation would be " a that is Mind, Life o Energy

Prayer " its translation would be " a Targeted Thinking.

Mental science is also the science of studying the Bible and interpreting it as such, but NOT as the Church or ecclesiastics for hundreds of years have made us believe in an External God who punishes us for sinning among many other misrepresentations that have been made.

The Bible is the Book of Man's Emancipation.

The emancipation of man means his liberation from pain and sickness, from poverty, from problems and uncertainty, from ignorance and limitation and finally from death itself.

If you are going through a great pain, if you do not achieve your goals, you do not get to assume what you most desire and you are missing something that you do not know what it is and no matter how hard you try you do not find the way out.

If you feel that your life has no meaning or you are confused in a labyrinth that never ends and you do not know where to go Mental Science explains to us something essential that we need to know so that, once and for all, we can start to do well or do better

The Bible explains to us why we suffer in this world so that we can emerge from slavery to freedom and an ever more enjoyable and successful life, and Science of Mind helps us to interpret and execute those allegories or parables to use them to our benefit.

The hells you spend on earth are only for you to discover who you are and free yourself from them.

No one can judge your emotions, thoughts, mind, ego or whatever you want to call it, no one.

No one can judge.

You have put this body through hell so that it learns lessons and becomes wise and discovers that you are a divine being, you are pure energy, you are power and you are spiritual.

The promise is that by applying these fundamentals that many Mental Science scholars have been doing for hundreds of years, it will change your life for sure.

You go from being a poor person to being a rich person, from being a materialistic person to being a spiritual person, from being a weak person to being a strong person, from being an incapable person to becoming very powerful, from being ignorant to being a wise person (when I talk about being poor to being rich I am not only referring to money but to having a life abundant in all aspects of our life resolved and growing and improving a pleasant life in general, in which it is stable because you have control of your conscious and subconscious mind.

As an additional note to this section, it is not only the Bible that contains all these types of truths and "solutions", but also other great sacred books.

The list of sacred books is enormous, all possessing the unique truth such as the Koran, Torah, Talmud, Upanishad, Vedas, Canons of Buddhism, Book of Mormon, Tipitaka, Rig Veda, Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita, Kojiki, Zend Avesta, Guru Granth Sahib....

The big problem with most of them is the misuse that has been made of the name of these books.

Mental Science has learned to find the hidden meaning within the Scriptures, i.e. the Bible.

Because the Bible is not only stories, it is not even a religious doctrine, there is a very powerful hidden meaning, which many people have not discovered, because during history many have tried to overshadow it by making incorrect translations, hiding books, changing texts,

Mental Science or the Metaphysicstells us that first of all, a person encounters this principle, that we are spiritual beings.

Characteristics of the metaphysics and Mental Science

The metaphysics proceeds in different ways:

It is speculative, when it starts from a supreme principle, from which it interprets the totality of reality.

Such a principle could be the idea, God, being, monad, universal spirit, universal cosmos, universal energy or will.

Objectives of the Metaphysics and Mental Science

It seeks to understand the most fundamental principles of the Universe. This mental science studies and seeks to understand the truth and how things are composed, what is the source of their life.

It is a metaphysical decree in the affirmative and in certain specific processes in the negative.

What is the metaphysics and what is it for?

The metaphysics is a way of studying, shaping and modifying the most spiritual or behavioral human beliefs and behaviors.

The metaphysics is a complicated branch of philosophy, but it is very simple to define:

It is the study of the most fundamental concepts and beliefs about these concepts.

What is the metaphysics spiritual?

The metaphysics Spiritual healing is the study of mental science to heal ways of thinking and limiting beliefs that prevent us from achieving our desired goals or not seeing the real purpose of our life.

Characteristics of the metaphysics and Mental Science

It is speculative in nature. It usually starts from a primordial idea or a supreme principle (God, the idea, the being, the spirit, the soul, among others) from which it leads to interpret all reality.
Proceed inductively.
It can be reductionist.
It is Affirmative.

Branches and types of metaphysics and Science of Mind

In order to carry out its research, the metaphysics comprises different branches, such as ontology (which is the study of being), natural theology (which is the study of God through rational or scientific methods), philosophical psychology (which is the rational study of the human spirit) or philosophical cosmology (which is the study of the nature of being).
1 Ontology.
2 Teleology.
3 Philosophical Cosmology.
4 Natural theology.
5 Rational psychology.

Examples of metaphysics and the study of the Science of the Mind

Examples of metaphysical concepts are Being, Existence, Finality, Universals, Property, Relationship, Causality, Space, Time, Event and many others.

They are fundamental, because all other concepts and beliefs are based on them. All knowledge and value are based on the definitions of these concepts.

Of course, it would be easy to think that the Metaphysics has changed since it received its name from Aristotle's editors centuries ago, except that it hasn't really. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote a series of books that together were called Physics.

In an early edition, Aristotle's works were arranged in such a way that there was another set of books that were placed right after the Physics.

These books seemed to refer to a basic and fundamental area of philosophical inquiry and, at the time, they did not have a name.

So the early scholars of Aristotle called those books "ta meta ta physika," meaning "the (books that come) after the (books on) physics."

This origin is not very different from the current use, when the Metaphysics deals with concepts such as Being and Time, which are fundamental to understanding Physics, the Universe and our place in it.

Methods in the use of the Metaphysics as a Science of Mind process

In the science of the mind, there is a lot of advice on how people should behave inwardly because that leads to outward behavior.

But such advice makes us unhappy with some of it and unfruitful with others. They are simple, without getting to the root of the problem.

The most reliable methods are: changing beliefs through repetition, prayers affirmative, display creative and emotional cleansing of beliefs rooted mostly in childhood.

Metaphysics For Everyday Life with the Application of the Science of Mind

For thousands of years, the use of the Metaphysics as a healing tool, both spiritually and physically.

People look for ways to obtain basic and essential benefits from the energy or ether that permeates the entire Universe with words and deeds. prayers metaphysical such as in the following areas:

Metaphysics For Healing Diseases

There has been a lot of talk about the connection between mind and body being essential to prevent external ailments from appearing in our body, which medications cannot heal or alleviate or which are associated with certain habits of thought in our life.

Suggestion or placebo, it is true that many times it has cured and it also does the opposite, it creates diseases. It is a two-way street.

With Mental Science you can correct those moods associated with thoughts that suggest us to have certain ailments and just correct the thought to remove the ills that afflict us, or failing that, to feel calm and peace of mind.

Metaphysics To Isolate Fears

Similar to the previous invocation, the denial of fear is performed, along with the naming of God as a non-limiting energy to enter the bodily forces and subdue any weakening of fear, which is in the person's mind.

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Metaphysics For sadness

Sadness is provoked by negative thoughts or thoughts of worthlessness towards our person, and they are associated with emotions that cause us to be apathetic.

Repeat several times statements in the form of a decree or prayers The scientific, prosperity, abundance, or personal empowerment, takes us out of that state and takes us away from the lethargy we have in that mental attitude.

The light makes room and eliminates that part that has plagued all of us on more than one occasion.

Metaphysics For Peace of Mind

All prayer metaphysics The first thing it gives us is peace of mind, inner harmony and emotional tranquility.

That is the first step it achieves, but subsequently, used on a daily basis, it produces a profound change within your being.

You achieve your goals with them. Like a ship of great tonnage, you tack slowly at first, but then you reach the cruising speed that makes you reach your destination.

For any desired goal, the first thing is to have peace of mind and clarity of mind, and Mental Science gives you both as a first step.

To have with mental science all that you propose is possible, since it eliminates what may obstruct your concern and restlessness to navigate the right path to achieve your goals without effort or anguish.

Metaphysics For Negativity

Certain acts in life we categorize as adverse, and others as beneficial.

The approach of this variant is twofold. To transmute thoughts into neutral thoughts without associated emotion, as well as to change the pattern of behavior with the thoughts that you consider beneficial.

This involves how you want to live and have happiness in your life.

This helps you to eliminate certain "defects" and learn to develop "virtues".

The technique is simple, prayers and mental science decrees to "configure" the subconscious mind with only creative and positive action commands.

The great power of the decree and metaphysical prayer is far greater than you will ever be able to imagine.

What we call suffering is only a mental attitude created by ourselves.

Yes, it's hard to assimilate, but it's about time we dotted our i's and crossed our t's and assumed responsibility, not guilt.

Once we know the root of our problem, we can put the solution to it.

And if we have created it with negative thoughts.... the good news is that the solution is done in the same way.

Based on repetition. Of course, of decrees and prayers scientists.

It's that simple and that easy.


Learning to Think is Learning to Live

Metaphysics For Quantum Physics

The quantum term approach states that there are different types of energy and that it has quantities of simple forms, where the science of quantum physics comes into play.

The metaphysics quantum considers that the energy that allows to connect the body with the soul and the universe, develops the logics on diverse situations in which answers have never been obtained.

In some of the cases, it develops logics that the theory of relativity cannot give, although it is true that it is nothing different in the way of doing science, where they have unlimited power, where they try to give position and criteria to people's own thoughts.

The transformation of thoughts into something material and tangible is the goal of quantum physics. For this purpose, visualization is used and positive thoughts with EMOTION (it is not enough just to repeat them) help to turn thoughts into material.

For this purpose, certain techniques of attention and concentration are used, accompanied by relaxation similar to that of dreaming just before falling asleep or getting up, so that the extension of this variable is much wider.

Metaphysics For Diseases

All people have had (and still have) spiritual and emotional deficiencies. These are made by mental messages that our brain sends to the body in order to manifest ailments or anomalies that, many of them, come to generate diseases.

The metaphysics with mental science diagnoses those feelings or emotional situations that are out of alignment, and applies scientific decrees or sentences to correct them according to the associated area.

This science manages to bring to light the meaning of each symptom, the mental situations with respect to emotions and also allows us to balance the organs of our body, thus avoiding any anomaly or disease.

There is a lot of documentation on this subject. Medical science increasingly associates mental health with physical health as a precursor to the absence of disease.

Doctors specialized in Internal Medicine state that each symptom presented in the organism is a somatization of limited and repressed feelings, which each person limits and encloses, thus creating repressed energies.

What they don't know how to apply is the "medicine or treatment" for it. Mental science is the most efficient and lasting solution you can put to your life.

What is the basis for the metaphysicsThe main purpose of this book is to detail self-healing as a tool to heal oneself by getting to know the behaviors or mental patterns that are detrimental to us and to assert with prayers and metaphysical decrees with mental science.

This change, transmits to the body, a huge help, first to alleviate health problems, and even, in many cases, has reached the situation of not even presenting symptoms. All this does not mean that going to the doctor and taking his treatments should never be stopped, on the contrary. Medical health is as good as mental health to restore your body and balanced emotions for a prosperous life.

Metaphysics For Wealth and Money

The vast majority of all people on the planet lack wealth.

It is high time that we reconsider the metaphysics of money and review the need to link money back to wealth. real.

Real wealth comes first by feeling prosperous and abundant in every sense of our lives.

We have to fill the coffers of our being with "general" abundance, both materially and spiritually, mentally speaking.

With mental science, we will correct everything that for years and centuries we have been taught that money is bad, that money must be "sweated", that money does not fall from the trees, that money is amoral, that money only brings envy and problems, and a long etc.

If you want to change this situation in a lasting way, we must change the way we think about money, wealth and power.

Change your thoughts of lack for thoughts of abundance. It's not just repeating texts, it's much more than that. Try our exercises on abundance.

Remove those patterns of empty economic behaviors and fill the coffers of your state of Being.

First clean the dirt of erroneous thoughts and then plant thoughts of growth abundance.

If you do it well, with science and conscientiously, the results will not take long to arrive, much sooner than you expect, believe me.

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Metaphysics For Love

The metaphysicsIn many occasions, it is used in order to attract the ideal partner, to keep the current partner, or to find the "love of our life".

To achieve this, the first thing we must achieve is a very high self-esteem and eliminate selfishness. One must have very high and very low respectively to be able to lead a healthy and lasting life as a couple.

With Mental Science you will be able to develop both, establishing first that of loving yourself first in order to love others.

Many people misunderstand "love" or adapt it to their needs.

Universal" love, love for other people or any kind of love, must first be restored. We have not been taught to love "well" either ourselves or other people.

Therefore, vibrating with the true "love" intrinsic to our being, will attract in abundance the love of a partner and any area of your life.

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Books of Metaphysics

There is a long list of books on mental science, or metaphysics written throughout the ages. Perhaps the one that has had the greatest impact is the Bible, because if we take religion out of the picture, it is full of allegories of the workings of the human psyche and spirituality.

About them they have written a series of books that I leave you below as the most basic and essential ones. Most of them are the creators or percussors of the New Thought.