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Mental Science and Metaphysics: Discover the Power of your Mind and Create Abundance

Metaphysical Decrees - Origin, Importance, Powers and More

The definition of decrees metaphysicians are the statementsIn an imperative tone but with love and sensitivity, that, through thoughts or words, we send to the substance of the universe so that it materializes physically what we desire. The word becomes law through your thoughts and these become actions.

They are usually short phrases, in the affirmative, and concrete. It is not thinking positive, it is "ordering" the spirit, energy, universe, subconscious conscience, God or any other name you want to give it according to your beliefs, the "spirit, energy, universe, subconscious conscience, God or any other name you want to give it according to your beliefs. your conscience's desire to be done with your words a real fact.

They are not ideologies, they do not contain politics, race or sex. And even if you sometimes see the word God, it does not mean any association with the "GOD" figure of religion.

This is like going to a supermarket. You can't just go there and ask for food. You will need to specify what kind of food, how much food, etc.

In the supermarket of life, you will have to ask concretely, in different ways in order to dissolve your current limiting beliefs in the area you would like to change. The payment you have to make to get your "product" is constancy, delicacy, doing it with love, and that it is for the benefit of you and third parties.

Origin of the metaphysical decrees

It has been attributed as an earlier form of mythological gods, and scholars who believe that the first orders of the universe have been based on classical hieroglyphs. It is known that the gods gave power through rituals and by repeating short phrases to their people to satisfy their wishes. These metaphysical decrees could satisfy various kinds of needs including: good harvest, fertility, peaceful natural environment, winning wars and more. Several decrees were also enacted about impalpable things such as happiness, love, peace, intelligence and talent.

What are the decrees in Metaphysics?

In the world metaphysicistthe decrees are states or mental attitudes, which you achieve by means of phrases oriented to the reprogramming of the subconscious mind in order to achieve your desires.

The end of the metaphysical decrees is to transform the mental pattern that has always been dominating your subconscious mind. With statements success is achieved by making sure your thoughts are always enveloped throughout the day with powerful messages with affirmations of wealth, prosperity and abundance to generate a mental energy to attract money, work, health or whatever positive things you wish to receive.

How to Decree according to the Metaphysics?

For decreeing correctly in metaphysicsWe have to have constancy, FAITH and more FAITH. Abundance of FAITH to attract positive things to our life.

Normally we follow the saying of seeing is believing, and here it is the opposite. You need first to BELIEVE in order to SEE. If you have perseverance, the decree of Metaphysics will be completed sooner or later. Everything will depend on how long it takes to change that belief in your subconscious with affirmations. of success and abundance that you realize.

How to use the Affirmations o Decrees in Metaphysics?

Statements in the form of statements that you use should be repeated, aloud or written down, every time you go to sleep and when you get up. When you go to sleep because it is the time of the day when your consciousness "turns off" and your subconscious mind "turns on" to a greater extent to receive or remember the last "memories" of the day. In this way, the message flows better to be imprinted in our subconscious.

When you wake up because it is just when the "subconscious" mind leaves the "command" to your conscious mind and is more receptive to start the day with those Decrees. Here also flows better the power to create the desire in an abundant way to attract the energy or wealth or universal desire that we want to attract.

You should do them by thought only (ideal if you are surrounded by other people), by voice in "prayer" mode, relatively low, with softness and love. You can also write it down. In the end the important thing is that you associate it with a mental image of the decree that you want to be realized in your life.

And last but not least, you must FEEL it. Feel that you already have, now, that desired prosperity and abundance. That it is now yours within you, in your feeling.

It's like ordering a product on Amazon for example. You order it on the web, you don't have it in your hands yet, but you KNOW it will arrive by courier shortly, depending on where the order comes from or several days or weeks if it comes from "outside. But you know you already have it, you have already paid for it and it is already yours.

This is the same thing, you have. If so much repetition of the metaphysical decrees as necessary, until it is equally repeated in the subconscious mind and imprinted and adhered to there forever by these statements repeated.

The metaphysical decrees originate with deep reasoning and are constantly being investigated throughout history to provide you with supernatural knowledge, as it comes from what is contained in the substance of the universe, which is the same substance of our mind.

How-to summary decrees in metaphysics:

1.- Fervently Believing Decrees

Faith, faith and more faith. Every day. Even when what you see with your physical eyes is not the reality you want, you have to keep believing.

2.- Decrees Verb in the Present Tense

The metaphysical decree must always be in the present tense, concrete and "imperative". The subconscious mind does not know past or future. The positive affirmations have to be now, which is the only present moment, the NOW, for them to become reality.

3.- Use of Symbols in the Decrees

You can write your powerful decrees metaphysical, because it makes you enter through an additional "sense", and not only by hearing, but also by sight. Also carry with you some object that reminds you of the theme you want to achieve in order to remind you and think about it more times a day.

4.- Decrees Always in Affirmations

The decrees metaphysical words that include the word NOT the lack of that desired something, causes the brain to ignore it because it associates it with a "mental image" of lack and does not empower us nor we visualize to have prosperity and abundance in the desired area.

What is the Difference Between Metaphysical and Metaphysical Decrees? Metaphysical Prayers?

The concept is the same, the only difference is that they have the decrees in metaphysics are to ask for specific things and the prayers are for ordering in general areas. In both cases these statements should be done every day. If you want to know more about PRAYERS IN METAPHYSICS CLICK HERE.

What is a Decree in the Spiritual World?

Our word has power. A lot of it. Much more than we think.

Thoughts are things. A thought becomes a fact or something physical.

Declaring or decreeing consists of using our word, which comes from our thought, which in turn comes from the "electrical connections" made by our brain, which in turn is composed of a "substance" that is the same substance as the spiritual world.

The universe is composed of an abundant substance called "Ether" which is changeable, takes various forms and transforms itself.

A decree, when "asked" to the universe, is made through high frequencies in the form of "waves" that make these "waves" are replicated in different planes and reach different "people" that make this way attracts what is desired or "requested" from the "universal cosmos" and we have abundant success in its achievement.

In this way they become spiritual decrees, because the spirit (universal essence) is involved in the whole process and we create an abundant life to receive wealth with these decrees. powerful decrees.

Your life flows more dynamically, unlimited, with joy just by putting your heart in your inner voice and your whole soul in getting the source to change the aspects of my life that I want.

Here are some of them metaphysical decrees of different areas of life, and if you want to know or have even more, click on READ MORE and there you can have hundreds of them. These metaphysical decrees are only examples..

Metaphysical Decrees For Abundance and Prosperity.

I am prosperity and universal abundance gives light to my life.

My prosperity and abundance is growing every day.

My abundance and prosperity are limitless

Attracting money into my life is easy and simple.

All good things come into my life in abundance.


Metaphysical Decrees For Love.

I am happily partnered and divinely blissful.

Love breathes through every pore of my skin.

I love all people unconditionally.

I deserve pure love in my life.


Metaphysical Decrees For General Welfare.

I expand my consciousness and let the infinite mind act in my life.

Infinite wisdom guides me, divine love makes me prosper and I succeed in everything I do.

The creative power in me is unlimited and inexhaustible.

I have power over my thoughts.

I live an abundant life.


Metaphysical Decrees For Money.

The richness in my life grows every day.

I am successful in attracting the money I want.

I can create money in abundance.


Metaphysical Decrees For Faith.

Faith gives me abundance and prosperity in all my life.

I live a life of faith and this gives me success.

My thoughts are faith and they are facts.

Peace and faith are installed and give me light within myself.


Metaphysical Decrees For Happiness.

God, being love, is also happiness.

God's will for me is perfect will (if you are not comfortable with the word God, change it to any word you like such as energy, universe, spirit, etc.).

I share with God his will for me to be happy.

I feel a boundless wellspring of joy flowing inside me


Metaphysical Decrees for Imagination / Visualization.

I have a goal to be a happy person and a universal person to help people.

The images I create in my life are positive and are law.


Metaphysical Decrees for Healing (Health).

I am all health.

Health surrounds my life and the lives of my loved ones.

Every cell in my body breathes health.


Metaphysical Decrees for the Will.

Every day more and more, I have more and more will.

My will is strong.

My willpower is getting stronger every day.

My will makes me get everything I want.


Here is a series of frequently asked questions that we will be answering shortly.

What is a spiritual decree?

They are statements for attract good things It is to attract money, joy, good vibrations with the desire that you want to achieve. It is to create the spiritual or divine state or attitude to create the perfect reality and to receive abundant energy, or attracting wealth with positive affirmations in the form of decrees powerful.

What is a spiritual decree examples?

Depending on the area you are interested in, you have to ask concretely. For example: I have thousands of dollars in my bank account. I am getting richer and richer every day. My health is abundant.

How to decree to attract money?

Above we have explained how to decree. If you want to decree for moneyPlease visit the specific section of our website. You will find it in the drop-down menu with statements of very potent wealth.

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The words are the ones that you feel in tune with your language. The only requirement is that you do it in a positive and concrete way.

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