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Mental Science and Metaphysics: Discover the Power of your Mind and Create Abundance

Decrees Metaphysics To A Higher Mental Consciousness

Metaphysics Decrees To Raise Life Awareness Of Truth

My mental faculties increase and they are to serve people better.

Positive thoughts, suggestions and mental images bring me the benefits I desire.

Negative thoughts, suggestions and negative images do not influence me at all.

I have complete control and mastery over my sensory faculties on all mental levels.

All things are possible with God.

God operates in me and through me.

God loves me.

I will silently allow my higher self to have complete control.

I will be true to my higher self or Presence.

I am surrounded by an invisible force that helps me to eliminate unfavorable appearances.

I concentrate closely on my higher Self or Presence.

I only think of subjects worthy of my higher Self and its powers.

I focus on my higher Self.

My higher self assures me the happiness of doing that which best responds to my true relationship with other people.

I will live for myself better.

I act from the higher self.

I cultivate the consciousness of the I AM.

The kingdom of God is within me.

I Am the strong and immovable substance of the spirit.

I identify with the substance until I make it my own.

I recognize the Presence and praise it.

I am grateful for the spiritual increase.

I affirm my unity with divine intelligence.

I allow the God within me to express Himself through me in the outside world.

I accelerate the awareness of the Presence of God.

I have faith in the substance of the Universe working in me and through me to increase and bring abundance to my world.

I have FAITH in the energy of the Universe.

There is a real and invisible life.

I think unlimitedly and abundantly.

I place the Intelligence of the Universe before me this day, to guide, protect and prosper me.

The Spirit of the Presence goes before me this day and makes the way successful and prosperous.

I keep my mind filled with mental substance, I accumulate spiritual substance until the mind is filled with it.

I ask for the understanding to hold the Presence in my mind.

I fix my mind on God as an ever-present Spirit who is also substance and power.

The spiritual mind or presence takes control of my life and affairs.

I am one with the substance that provides everything and my prosperity is overflowing.

God's ideas are the source of everything that appears.

I consciously connect my mind with the Mind of Presence.

God is my supply and my support.

Substance is everywhere, filling the Universe.

I build my prosperity on inner substance.

I prepare my consciousness for the entrance of the universal substance.

I establish a connection with the universal bank of infinite intelligence.

Divine Love manifested in me.

I fill my mind with God's truths.

God is prospering him.

I bless the world, because I bless myself.

I frequently affirm that God's Love and transcendent beauty flow through all my thoughts, words and actions.

I clothe myself with the Presence of God who is peace, love and joy.

God's ideas and truths sing in me.

I speak a new language that signifies the state of mind of peace, joy, goodwill and love.

God's peace fills my soul.

God is the author of peace.

The wisdom of the Universe within me, which knows all, sees all, has the know-how of achievement.

Infinite intelligence is guiding me now.

I have a love affair with the intelligence of the universe.

As I turn to the Presence of the Intelligence of the Universe, He turns to me.

What is true of God is true of me.

The qualities and attributes of the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe are expressed through me.

I feel the Oneness with Life and the infinite riches of the Universe.

The "father" is the idea of God, the "mother" is the emotionalization of the idea. From this union of idea and feeling, my health, abundance, happiness and inner peace arise.

All that is of the Universe is mine, because it is within me.

God is the only Presence and the only power.

Every person I meet is an expression of the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe.

All I see is God manifested.

I see God in everything and everyone.

The infinite Intelligence of the Universe is my companion.

Contact with the Presence with my thought.

I enthrone in my mind the concept that Infinite Intelligence is the only Presence and only power.

I believe that Universal Consciousness is all life, all love, all truth and all beauty.

Doing the will of Universal Consciousness is all my business.

I think of the Universal Consciousness at the center of my Being to be aware of its Presence.

It is Universal Consciousness in action in all departments of my life.

The Universal Consciousness walks and talks in me.

I trust fully in the guidance and wisdom of the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe.

You, Universal Consciousness, who give, I who receive.

Where my conscience is, I am.

Where I am there, you will be there.

The amor de la Consciencia Universal fluye a través de las personas y yo les libero.

The peace of Infinite Intelligence floods my mind and Universal Consciousness responds to me.

The joy and love of Universal Consciousness flows through my mind and heart like a living stream.

Universal Consciousness is within me now.

I practice the Presence of God all day long.

I become aware of the Presence of God in the other person.

I will see all people as God sees them.

My mind is a house of prayer.

I go to God and find peace, rest, joy, long life and happiness.

I accept the idea of peace in my mind and let it rule, control and guide me.

Universal Consciousness surrounds me and goes before me.

The I AM in me is Universal Consciousness, and there is no other.

I AM what I feel I am.

I practice changing the feeling of SELF every day.

I Am Spirit; I think, see, feel and live as Spirit, the Presence of Universal Consciousness.

The Sun of God's Love shines on me all day long.

I know the truth of the Universal Consciousness that sets me free.

I now live in the Presence and in the consciousness of freedom.

I keep my "eyes" fixed on Universal Consciousness.

I feel that I am looking through the "eyes" of Universal Consciousness.

Mental attention is all-powerful.

All things can be mastered through mental attention.

I practice with pure attention in observing the state of mind and mental content.

I transform the disturbances of meditation into supports of metathesis.

I transform enemy thoughts as friends, because they become my teachers, and teachers I must look upon as friends.

I turn everything undesirable into desirable by transforming it.

My mental attention is an activating force.

Pure attention harmonizes me in the warmth of FAITH, wisdom, willpower and tranquility of mind.

I train my mind to think before acting and speaking.

I pay more attention to develop concentration.

I develop intuition and wisdom through pure attention.

I direct my mental attention to what is happening in my body and in my mind.

I am consciously attentive and keep my mind on one thing at a time.

Concentration is synonymous with success.

I have a controlled and uniform concentration.

I train my mind to be firm.

I fix my mind on a certain thought and keep my mind on it at successive intervals developing concentration.

Concentration means control of the mind and body.

Through concentration I can obtain anything I desire.

I always find a way to do things and I do them.

My soul is unconquerable.

I represent the law of infinite force or all power.

This Presence that is within is all my sufficient and ever-present strength at the time of the problem to be solved.

The more difficulties, the greater his triumphs through me.

The more difficult the tests are, the faster I am in developing my inherent strength.

I demand wisdom and the power to know and follow what is right.

My higher self is all-powerful. I am closer to it every day.

Through concentrated thought, I can do as I please.

My thoughts make me what I am.

Thoughts produce actions.

My life is shaped by the thoughts I have.

I persistently and intelligently practice concentration of thought.

I will silently allow my higher self to have complete control.

I am faithful to my higher self.

I demand wisdom to act wisely for myself and others.

I have unlimited power to think and this is the link that connects me to my source.

My moods are controlled by me and produced at will.

Concentrated thinking achieves seemingly inconceivable results.

I concentrate and reinforce my thoughts.

I control my mental creations.

I control my moods, making them calm, serene, bright as if prosperity were mine.

I form thoughts of a successful nature to attract similar ones.

I do not hesitate or fear, because in reality I am not alone. I am surrounded by invisible forces that will help me eliminate unfavorable appearances.

My moods change only as I want them to, and not as circumstances affect me.

I fill my mind with statements that express fullness.

The invisible substance allows itself to be shaped by my thoughts of fullness, and my mind is enriched by its manifestations.

I am concentrating right now on the higher, eternal idea of universal goodness that I harbor in my mind.

I think of the intelligence of the universe as a substance present everywhere.

The invisible substance completely fills my subconsciousness and my whole life is filled with it.

Pienso en la abundancia de la sustancia espiritual llenando mi hogar y a las personas que la habitan.

There is a vital force within me, which I can awaken and activate through thought.

I look to the richness of the Inner Reality.

It is my innocent mind that finds the Kingdom.

My mind is steadfast in seeing the true, separating the apparent.

I transform the substance of my mind into something tangible.

I change my way of thinking and increase the substance of my mind.

I broaden my awareness and let the infinite mind free to act.

I place my thoughts in the realm of mind, directly contacting the universal mind and drawing from it the invisible substance that manifests in physical things.

The universal substance becomes a part of my mind and through it, of my life.

My mind opens to receive a flow of divine ideas that infuses me with an understanding of the potency of my thoughts and words, making them flourish.

There is no matter, everything is mind.

My mind opens to receive divine ideas that infuse me with an understanding of the power of my thoughts and words, making me prosper.

I think of Divine Intelligence and attract to me all that I desire and need.

Everything is done in the mind.

Thoughts are things and therefore take up space in the mind.

I live in a sea of inexhaustible substance ready to manifest as I mold it through my thoughts.

I mold the omnipresent substance through my mind and create, thanks to it, all the things I can conceive.

I form unity with the infinite store within me and all my needs are immediately satisfied.

Infinite intelligence is a help that is always available.

The universe is the instant and immediate source of my existence and provides me with all the ideas I need.

The infinite storehouse of ideas that exists within me never runs out.

Infinite intelligence now attends to my every need.

The infinite storehouse of ideas that exists within me never runs out.

The creative power in me is unlimited and inexhaustible.

There is an infinite power and wisdom within me that gives me the ability to solve problems, overcome obstacles and accomplish all of life's tasks.

My mind is a part of the universal mind of infinite intelligence.

The infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind now acts according to my desires making them come true in divine order.

I am in tune and in harmony with the wisdom and intelligence of my subconscious and the genius in me manifests.

My thoughts, my mental representations, my talents and my attitudes are investments I make in my subconscious.

I fill my subconscious with love, FAITH, trust, good deeds, guidance, abundance, security and good humor.

I am the infinite intelligence from which everything flows.

I relate to infinite intelligence through a deep feeling of gratitude.

Whatever I record in my subconscious mind is externalized.

I recreate myself thinking about the presence of the infinite intelligence within me.

Infinite intelligence guides me, orients me towards true expression in order to prosper spiritually, mentally and economically.

I know there is a way out for me through the wisdom of my subconscious mind. At this moment, I accept this way out and the happy ending according to the divine order.

Infinite mind permeates and inhabits every particle of matter in the universe.

I control my thoughts and emotions to achieve spiritual and emotional maturity.

I purify my emotions and the right ordering of my mind through right thinking.

I practice the presence of the divine mind throughout the day achieving harmony, health, peace, joy and fullness of life.

To fulfill the will of the divine mind is my only obligation.

The divine mind is all there is. It is all in all.

The power that moves the world and governs the galaxies in space is within me.

The infinite energy that is always at my disposal and respects my orders and beliefs.

Infinite energy is my obedient servant and only waits for me to use it. It is inexhaustible and infinite.

I control my thought processes and apply the power of my subconscious to solve any problem.

I consciously cooperate with the infinite governing power of all things.

If I ask, seek and call, I receive an answer from my subconscious mind, whose nature is to answer my questions.

My subconscious mind is such a powerful force because within it is the divine presence.

What my conscious mind considers to be true, I will experience with my subconscious mind.

Infinite intelligence guides me in every way.

The right divine action governs me at all times.

The universal mind makes me prosper.

I accept my mental powers and develop a conscious perception that the wisdom and intelligence of my subconscious solves all my problems.

The infinite intelligence inside my subconscious mind knows all and sees all. It has the answer and reveals it to me now.

My subconscious mind is the source of power and wisdom.

My subconscious mind manifests any thought, plan or idea that I impress upon it.

My subconscious mind is in contact with the universal subconscious 24 hours a day.

I change the things that I consider detrimental through the scientific sentence.

If I believe something, it will manifest, whether I think about it consciously or not.

That which I pray or desire, ends up happening because of the Infinite Intelligence operating within me.

Through prayer, I change my subconscious mind so that it stops reproducing wrong thought patterns and life habits.

Everything I seek already exists in the infinite mind.

I activate the infinite intelligence that resides within me, so that it functions on behalf of my expressed desires.

I occupy my conscious mind with the feeling of the happy solution to my current problem.

I declare and determine that what I pray for is done.

I am the only thinker in my world.

I am solely responsible for my thoughts.

There is an infinite intelligence that attracts to me what I desire.

All desires are now satisfied by my subconscious mind.

I identify with the infinite presence and power within me that is ineffable peace.

I unite mentally and emotionally with the infinite presence within me of love, harmony and power, and I feel those qualities flowing within me.

Infinite intelligence is within me.

I dwell silently in the presence of infinite intelligence within me.

I am the master of my mental reactions.

Contact with the infinite power from which I draw strength and security.

Infinite intelligence is in me.

I enter into the consciousness of the eternal supply of the infinite intelligence of the universe.

Infinite intelligence dwells in me.

There is an infinite intelligence that attracts to me all that I desire.

Infinite intelligence activates the power of my subconscious mind and makes my desire come true.

I own all things by right of conscience.

The infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind reveals to me my true place in life.

Infinite intelligence reveals to me my talents and shows me the path I must take.

I only transform myself in one way, and that is by transforming my mind.

There is a spiritual power in me that knows all and recognizes all.

The subjective wisdom of my subconscious mind directs and guides me to the right opportunity.

My subconscious knows the answer and gives me all the information I need.

I have power over my thoughts.

I am one with an infinite mind.

Everything is mind and divine law governs my life.

The day that the 51% of my thoughts are of health, life and power, that 51% will make the rest disappear, erase and kill and I will extract from the universe what I desire.

We are all in the mind and the mind is always creating for us as we think.

I think and my mind produces what I desire.

I am one with a creative mind.

The "central mind" lives and works in me. I am one with it and it is one with me.

I recognize the Central Mind as the source of my vitality.

The universal mind fills my thoughts with enthusiasm and leads my affairs to splendid achievements.

The universe is intelligence.

My thoughts and feelings control my destiny.

My thoughts are creators of realities.

Whatever I impress in my subconscious mind, is projected on the screen of space with the aspect of form, function, experience or event.

My thought is a creator of realities.

My conscious mind is still, quiet, receptive, at peace and the subconscious wisdom rises to the surface and I receive wonderful answers and solutions.

The key to every person is thought.

I change my thoughts and keep them changed.

The subconscious is the power that moves the world.

The law of the subconscious is mandatory.

I cleanse my mind of all prejudice, all lack of charity, all narrowness.

The spirit is the only substantial thing I can lean on and trust, that's why it is substance.

Fear is nothing more than a doubt of what is true.

The mind is spirit.

The subjective mind in myself is the same subjective mind that is acting in the whole universe.

The subjective mind is intensely sensitive to suggestion.

I think of myself as a pure being.

Trained thinking is much more powerful than untrained thinking.

Whatever state of consciousness I desire, I acquire it by working on it.

Spiritual awareness is power.

The activity of the spirit is the only activity that exists.

The metaphysics is a persistent and tenacious attempt to think correctly.

Wise thoughts are followed by wise deeds.

My true power lies in the subconscious mind.

I transform myself through the renewal of my mind.

I demand the subconscious wisdom within me to bring order, peace and harmony to my life.

My subconscious mind is easy to convince and control by suggestion.

I fill my mind with positive and constructive feelings and eliminate fear.

What thought has done, thought can undo.

The molds established in my subconscious over time, I consciously eliminate them.

I implant new molds in my mind.

My consciousness is the sum total of thoughts.

An awareness of FAITH reverses fear.

The mind that I have is the mind of God.

My mind does not remember the past with anguish, nor the future with uncertainty.

There is a mind greater than our human mind within each person that we can trust.

The perfect spirit within me that does not err, now trains my mind.

I control my mental states and with that I automatically control my circumstances.

The ALL is mind; the universe is mental.

A person's actions are determined by his or her subconscious impressions.

It attracts that which I am conscious of being.

The subconscious mind expresses what I record in it through my thoughts.

Disciplining my mind means thinking constructively and harmoniously.

Disciplining my mind means thinking constructively and harmoniously.

I am the observer through whom creation is realized.

Learning to think is learning to live.

Just by thinking, I attract into my life what I desire.

My thinking is moving more and more toward a positive affirmative mental attitude.

Mind is, and is both universal and individual.

Anything the mind can think can also stop thinking.

There is only one mind, in which all people live, move and have our being.

I use the power of the universal mind every time I think.

Consciousness is not in the body, but the body is in consciousness.

The objective or conscious mind is the spiritual mind.

Subconscious means subject to conscious thought.

I am a thinking center in a universal mind.

My lifelong habits of thinking unconsciously and incorrectly, I consciously and deliberately neutralize them.

Every day I work on the active process of correct thinking.

I train my thinking to recognize the spirit in everything I do, say and think.

I declare that mint care is all powerful.

All things can be mastered through mental attention.

I deliberately cultivate mental focus.

I put order in my mental home.

Mental attention is an activating force.

I develop the habit of pausing and stopping through pure attention.

Mental concentration broadens the specific functions and faculties of my mind.

Mental attention extinguishes suffering.

I train my mind to think before I act and speak.

I pay more attention to develop true concentration.

Presence of mind implies mastery of the mind.

I have perfect control of mind and thought at all times and places.

I always keep my mind in mind.

The mind is a magnet.

I go to sleep with the consciousness of being or doing what I long to do.

Happiness is a state of consciousness.