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Mental Science and Metaphysics: Discover the Power of your Mind and Create Abundance

? 1000 Powerful Decrees To Attract Abundance, Money And Prosperity

To attract abundance in a program will require repeating the statements of a decree. This statement is powerful in transforming our thoughts, habits and programming habits. This decree gradually enters your subconscious and will help you gain the riches you have been unknowingly denying in your life. But let me give you an honest story: it doesn't just say it, you must express emotions. Okay, this is proof that we can. We must consciously reprogram it as much as we want to. It's a mindset.

The Most Powerful Affirmations to Attract Abundance to Your Life

Find out which is the law of attraction that brings wealth and good fortune. Every person wants wealth to touch their lives in material and spiritual ways. But while they often want to be blessed, they use the negative connotations they are trying to achieve.

Here we go with the longest list of Decrees of metaphysics for the money that exists all over the Internet!

I was born to win, to succeed and to conquer.

I feel like an achiever and I believe I am an achiever.

I always keep in my mind a strong desire to succeed.

I fall in love with my goals and my work.

I cultivate the attitude of success in business.

I rely on my own opinion to achieve success.

My wealth is the fruit of my achievements.

I make up my mind that I am rich and instill this thought in all my mental forces.

I have the energy and the will to succeed.

The key to success is to do what I have decided to do.

I attract what I set my mind to.

With concentration I control my temperament.

I mentally hold on to the thought of success and keep it in my mind every day.

I have the ability to attract all the abundance I want into my life.

I now establish a new awareness of success.

I attract and create abundance in my life.

I know I can be as successful as I set my mind to.

I move in successful circles.

There are brilliant opportunities for me everywhere.

All kinds of prosperity come to me.

I am open and receptive to new avenues of income.

Everything I touch is a success.

Now I get the good stuff from expected and unexpected sources.

I deserve the best and I accept the best now.

I am filled with the riches of infinity.

Infinite intelligence multiplies my money excessively.

All my needs are met instantly, now and every day of my life.

The spiritual substance, from which all visible riches come, is inexhaustible.

I direct the great energy of my thoughts towards ideas of abundance and, what the others have to offer. people say or thinkdoes not affect me.

My sustenance is unlimited and is always within my reach in the omnipresent mind of God.

Spiritual substance abounds gloriously in the water, in the air, everywhere.

Abundance is growing in my affairs.

Every day I connect with my higher mind to solve my issues and achieve the desired prosperity.

I believe in abundance as the only possible demonstration.

I give thanks for all that I have and this increases and multiplies through the power of the word.

I receive all the things I need and only good comes to me.

I have put my FAITH in God today to guide me, to protect me, watching over my prosperity.

The spirit watches over me today and makes my life prosperous and successful.

I always have faith in the great abundance that the universe provides me.

The mind that provides for all is my sustenance, and I live securely, guaranteeing my safety and prosperity.

What I sow in my mind, I reap. And, therefore, I sow abundance.

My inner intelligence gets the best results and I achieve prosperity.

As I begin the conscious unifying process with life and substance within, wellness permeates every aspect of my life, and my business, with prosperity.

I ask God for ideas of wealth and make them work for the benefit of my whole life.

God requires that I get everything now.

Everything I need belongs to me.

I have unlimited resources.

I keep my eyes open for new opportunities to earn money, opportunities that are not long in coming.

There are opportunities everywhere. They have always existed to provide me with everything I need, both financially and otherwise.

I bless everything I have, money, goods, health, love and peace.

I give thanks for the unlimited growth of my mind, my money and my business.

I carefully select only those words that fill my home environment with ideas of abundance.

I always talk about abundance, think about abundance and give thanks for it.

I give thanks for every benefit I receive and am grateful for both what I achieve through my efforts and the unexpected treasures that come my way.

I have everything I need to make my life prosperous and I assume it with the utmost confidence.

The love is the most powerful thought and provides me with the key to tap into the infinite reservoir of abundance in the universe.

I get in touch with God's universal bank by getting a permanent source of wealth.

I get in touch with God's spiritual riches, make them through love and have enough provisions for every day of the year and for the rest of my life.

I organize all my affairs and business successfully.

I am determined to achieve success by acting according to God's will.

I am rich, prosperous and successful by God's will.

I draw prosperity in my mind.

I fill every corner of my life with words of abundance, abundance and abundance.

Even now, my pockets are still full thanks to the magnificence of God, who fulfills all my needs.

Prosperity is manifesting in every room of my home.

God's provisions are inexhaustible and infinite.

I no longer worry about my financial resources. My abundance provides me with everything I need.

I now have an overabundance of the riches of the mind of God and prosper in everything.

Abundance is everywhere in my life.

I was born to be rich.

I become rich by using the faculties that have been given to me and by attuning myself to the infinite.

I create spiritual, mental and material riches that will benefit humanity in countless ways.

I am now marching on the path of victory, conquest and prosperity.

I constantly have thoughts related to wealth, prosperity and success.

I believe and accept that success is a right that I have.

Fortune and success is a divine right that I have.

Fortune and success are smiling on me more and more often in abundance.

I accept all monies received with deep gratitude.

I use money freely and with sincere gratitude to the universe for its abundance.

I am thankful to have received a sum identical to the amounts of each and every one of the bills that circulate in my life.

My subconscious is an inexhaustible bank of wealth.

Extraordinary creative ideas come to me from the gold mine inside me.

Both wealth and poverty originate in my own mind.

Riches are in the mind.

I wish for all people, all the riches of the world.

Riches flow to me ceaselessly, tirelessly and endlessly.

God's infinite riches are poured out upon me as quickly as I receive and use them.

Everyone is getting richer every day.

I am making myself rich, I am making other people rich and I am bestowing blessings on all people.

I am aware of my true worth.

Infinite intelligence opens the door for me to access new opportunities.

God's riches are now mine and I am rich.

All the blessings and riches of life are upon me.

God points me to the perfect plan for the development of my desires.

Thank you, Cosmic Intelligence, for your riches.

I am getting more and more money every day.

My problems heal, accelerate, vitalize, progress, satisfy and make rich all the people I come in contact with or do business with.

God is rich. I am a child of God and now I am rich! So be it!

God, provide me with a good and exciting idea that sells easily and yields multiple economic benefits.

Infinite intelligence opens a door of realization for me where I am divinely happy and divinely prosperous.

God's riches come to me in avalanches of great abundance.

Divine mind, you know all things. Give me the idea I need for more wealth. I accept the answer and give thanks for it.

My subconscious knows the answer and gives me all the information I need for more abundance.

I learn to think rightly, no longer choosing pain, misery, poverty and limitation.

The divine mind multiplies my goods in an incredible way.

The only thing I do is add. I never subtract.

I concentrate on contemplating the infinite riches of the subconscious mind.

I am successful in everything I undertake.

I am open to receive prosperity and money in my life.

Success and money are with me.

Wealth is available now. It is an imagined thought in my mind that I turn into physical reality.

I am completely open to receive more prosperity in all areas of my life.

I bless my finances.

Every day, I receive more and more money.

Thank you for so many riches, now.

The money is enough for everyone.

I experience all the blessings and riches of life.

The path to success and prosperity lies within me.

My economy is becoming more prosperous every day.

I have the right to be rich.

I am here to lead a more abundant life.

The more I have, the more I want to give.

I make money very easily.

I wish success, happiness and abundance to all the people around me.

Money is constantly flowing into my life and there is always a wonderful and abundant remainder.

I am constantly receiving income from various sources.

I have all the money I want, as well as peace of mind, harmony, integrity and security.

Abundance is my natural state and I accept it.

I firmly believe that the universe is abundant.

Wealth is a habit of thought, optimism and success.

God's wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance.

I am the master of my destiny, I am the captain of my soul.

I desire only good and I know that only good comes to me.

Success is my right.

I accept unlimited abundance.

The words I speak are spirit and are life.

There is enough money in the world, there is enough of everything and I know that there are unlimited resources in my subconscious mind that I have never used.

All the power of the Universe brings me every day everything I may need.

I am very grateful for God's ever-active, ever-present, constant and eternal riches.

Infinite intelligence governs and observes all my economic transactions.

Abundance flows through my life and, always, there is a divine remnant.

I was born to succeed.

Wealth always flows through my life freely.

Everything is mind and divine law governs my life.

I am always blessed by a divine surplus.

I trust myself more than anyone else.

Wealth is a state of consciousness.

I thrive every day.

I am growing in wealth and wisdom every day.

I am successful.

Every day my wealth multiplies.

I am moving forward, progressing and growing financially.

Money comes to me from everywhere and from the most diverse sources.

I am improving and prospering more and more every day.

Everything I do, prospers.

Now I am rich.

I imagine and feel that an inner strength underpins my body, my mind and my financial affairs.

I give thanks for this prosperous life and delight in it.

I direct my thoughts in an intelligent, constructive and judicious manner that pays fabulous dividends.

I think systematically and regularly about success, achievement, victory, abundance and the good life.

Whatever I deposit in my subconscious mind, it enlarges and multiplies it greatly.

I live in a beautiful house surrounded by luxury.

I have elegant suits so that I can, at any time, dress for any occasion.

I have all the money I need to do what I want, when I want.

The pensamental images of wealth that I have, produce wealth.

A wealthy person is one who possesses the attitude that wealth is like breathing air.

I am always grateful for the riches I have, riches that are always active, always present, unchanging and abundant.

My needs are already taken care of and will be every day of my life.

My money multiplies with largesse, now and forever.

Wealth flows through me in abundant avalanches.

Riches flow freely, joyously and endlessly through my life.

I was born to win.

I choose to be healthy and happy, prosperous and successful.

Now and forever and ever, my mind and heart are open to the coming of riches.

I was born to succeed and make my way in life.

I become a mental and spiritual magnet and attract good to me from all sides.

Success is mine, wealth is mine, harmony is mine and I am the channel through which all the riches of the universe flow.

I fall in love with the science of the mind so that it may reveal its riches to me.

The riches of the universe are now mine.

I believe in the Self within me and in my ability to succeed in life.

I am rich.

Whatever I pay attention to will be magnified and multiplied many times over in my life by my subconscious.

Infinite intelligence knows my talents and reveals the ideal place for me to express my abilities and receive wonderful remuneration.

Thank you for the wealth that circulates through my life and I affirm that my wealth has been realized.

When I travel, I travel like a queen. The universe is a multimillionaire.

I have a wonderful income.

I consciously and knowingly claim that money is freely and happily circulating in my life and that there is always a divine surplus.

I know and believe that, money is good, very good.

I use money wisely, judiciously and constructively.

I am a divine guide and express myself at the highest level.

Money is always circulating freely in my life.

I am financially healthy.

I give thanks to the riches of the universe, ever active, ever present, immutable and eternal.

I am earning more and more money every day.

Everything I do is success-oriented.

Victory is mine. Triumph is mine. Success is mine. Wealth is mine. Harmony is mine.

I was born to win and succeed in life.

The riches of the universe are constantly available to me.

Success is mine now; wealth is mine now.

Abundance belongs to me.

Everything I do prospers.

Day and night I am thriving in everything that interests me.

My income is increasing every day.

I am advancing, progressing and gaining greater wealth every day.

The feeling of wealth generates wealth.

The feeling of success generates success.

The subconscious mind is like a bank, it magnifies everything I deposit in it.

Every day I deposit in my bank thoughts of prosperity, success, wealth and peace.

Day and night, I am being prosperous in all aspects.

I love the idea of wealth.

What I love, grows.

Love always magnifies and multiplies my riches.

I am a person who is worth a lot of money.

I am wealthy.

I am a great success.

I like money. I love it.

Money is constantly circulating in my life.

The money is good, very good.

If I bring out what is within me, what I bring out will enrich me.

Everything I do prospers.

I affirm the greatest good my mind can conceive of as part of my daily experience.

I decide I'm going to make money and I do.

I have faith in everything I undertake and succeed in everything.

I persistently maintain a successful state of mind.

The peaceful, joyful and stable state of mind is a state of mind of success.

My predominant mood, or state of mind, has much more to do with my success or failure in any endeavor.

I think of success rather than failure.

I am an ever-increasing power.

It is possible to become anything I admire.

I think of happiness and success.

Concentration is synonymous with success.

I have a controlled and uniform concentration.

Through concentration, I obtain whatever I desire.

Through the power of concentrated thought I can do as I please.

I maintain an unwavering belief in my ultimate success.

Because of my willpower, I dare to do what I want to do successfully.

I choose the thoughts that will be the means to bring me success in what I desire.

I feel like an achiever, I fervently believe that I am an achiever.

I successfully attend to each day's work well.

I develop the ability to do a bigger and better job every morning.

I get used to the idea of being rich, instilling this thought with all my mental strength.

The key to success is to do what I have decided to do.

I do my best and I never fail.

I do my job with love and success.

I fill my world with thoughts of abundance.

The all-providing mind is my resource and I am confident of my prosperity.

I find new ways of life and new working methods that succeed.

I am determined to succeed.

I am rich, prosperous and successful.

I was born to win, to succeed and conquer.

I fill my mind with concepts of peace, wealth and happiness.

Infinite intelligence governs and watches over all my financial transactions and, whatever I do, prospers.

I am improving and progressing financially.

I prosper every day in all aspects.

I am growing in wealth and wisdom more and more every day.

Every day my wealth multiplies.

I am moving forward, progressing and growing financially.

Wealth is a state of mind.

Wealth is a state of consciousness.

I get used to seeing things come to fruition and I am ALWAYS confident of success.

The power to rule and attract success is within me.

Success is the result of certain states of mind or certain ways of thinking.

I maintain an unwavering belief in my ultimate success.

My business profits multiply.

I am worthy of having a lot of money.

I attract abundance constantly.

I use money wisely.

Earning money is exciting.

The more I give, the more I receive.

I am always successful in getting the money I want.

I accept abundance in my life.

I deserve abundance in my life.

I have the right to live well and abundantly.

I have the right to have my money in abundance.

I succeed in everything I set out to do.

I can sense when to invest successfully.

I attract money.

I learn from successful people.

I never give up, I am a winner.

I create great business ideas.

I work on my business ideas.

I make my ideas profitable.

I am the brains behind my success.

I am generous.

Money does not control me. I control the money.

Just by believing that I create wealth, I create it.

I know how to manage my money.

My mind is open to new ways of earning money.

I receive twice as much as I give.

I am tenacious in the things I want.

They pay me what I am worth and more!

I invest my money wisely.

I am very good at making money.

I use the money to help me myself and other people.

Universe I thank you for the unlimited growth of my mind, my money and my business.

I am determined to achieve success by acting according to the will of the universe.

The wealth of the universe circulates through my life and there is always a divine surplus.

The universe is the eternal source of my provisioning and satisfies all my needs at any instant.

The universe is favoring me in every way and I accept from now on all the good that comes to me from Him.

I wish for all people, all the riches of the world.

Wealth means "owning" all the food, clothing, energy, vitality, health, happiness, inspiration and creative ideas I desire.

I am in this world to lead a prosperous life, a life full of happiness, joy, health and wealth.

To my delight and enjoyment, I begin from now on to use the riches contained in the treasure chamber that exists within me.

Infinite intelligence governs and watches over all my financial transactions, and whatever I do, it will progress.

I invite the universe to manifest in my financial affairs right now.

I make my mind a money magnet.

God creates through my imagination.

The money is totally good.

My desire for money is totally good and right.

I want and use money for good purposes. Thank God for money!

I see and feel myself having and enjoying more money.

I see money flowing into my life with ease.

I see and feel money coming into my life in new and exciting ways.

I am open and receptive to new honest ideas for making money.

Come closer money so I can feel you.


God reveals to me new creative ideas, original and wonderful ideas that bless humanity in countless ways.

Rich substance and rich ideas are waiting for me to appropriate them. 

I am a child of a rich god, I accept and claim his rich good for myself, in all phases of my life.

My own God-given success in the form of rich ideas and rich results now appear.

I am not discouraged, I persist, I keep going.

I have determined success in the wonderful way God intended for me.

I am rich in mind and demonstration right now.

I form a unity with the infinite riches of my subconscious mind. 

I have great and steady wealth, reliable income and permanent economy now.

Every day and in everything, I am thriving more and more.

Great sums of money, great happy and huge financial surprises, come to me, under grace and in perfect and wonderful ways for my personal use.

I am thankful for a big increase in my financial income right now.

I have the right to be happy, rich and successful.

Money flows to me freely, copiously and inexhaustibly.

I am always aware of my true value.

I share my talents without reservation and find myself blessed in a prodigious way financially. It is a marvel.

I am now writing in my subconscious mind the idea of God's wealth.

God is the source of my supply and I know that God is the principle of life within me.

I give thanks for the riches of God that circulate forever in my experience.

God is my instant supply meeting my need in this present moment.

I see money as a divine substance where everything is made of one spirit.

Money is constantly circulating in my life.

Money flows to me freely, with endless joy.

Money is an idea in the mind of God, and it is good, very good.

I am worthy for the money.

Money comes abundantly, harmoniously and inexhaustibly into my life, I receive it with open arms and use it wisely. 

God is the source of what I receive and all my financial and other needs are met at every moment and at every point in space. 

There is always a divine surplus.

God's wealth is my wealth.

I express myself through the divine and have an excellent income.

My world is full of lovely people who lovingly help me in everything.


I set in motion God's gifts within me and around me.

I am blessed on every hand with joy, success and true results.

Right now I am filling myself with the feeling of success and prosperity, filled with the feeling of having money.

From this moment on, my thoughts are prosperous and my own.