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Mental Science and Metaphysics: Discover the Power of your Mind and Create Abundance

Metaphysical Decrees For FAITH (perseverance and constancy)

FAITH is my mindset, a positive mental attitude with a feeling of confidence that what I am praying for will happen.

According to my FAITH, it is done to me.

It is from FAITH or feeling that all things flow.

The person of FAITH puts his trust in the Invisible Power within.

FAITH is trust.

Everything I do in my mind by putting FAITH, becomes substantial.

I have FAITH in the substance of God, who works within and through me to bring wholeness to my life.

I have FAITH in God.

Hope eliminates doubt.

Everything I do in my mind by putting FAITH, becomes substantial.

I have FAITH in the substance of the universe acting within and through me to bring fulfillment to my life.

I have FAITH in the infinite intelligence of the universe.

With prayers affirmations of FAITH, filled with the truth ominipresent abundance of the Universe.

Every time I bring a thought from my FAITH to the I AM part of myself, it sets in motion a concatenation of causes that lead me to the desired results.

I have limitless FAITH in the omnipresent substance that increases and multiplies in my words of abundance, abundance and abundance.

FAITH is a way of thinking, a mental attitude that always gives me good results.

FAITH is a fusion of thought and feeling of mind and heart.

Everything happens according to my FAITH, my mental conviction or even my blind belief.

Fear is FAITH in something wrong.

My FAITH is in the divine mind and in all good things.

The FAITH I possess is my ability to make things real.

The law of the mind is the law of believing.

I understand that my mind works by believing.

My mind works by and through my beliefs.

The belief of my mind is the thought of my mind.

By understanding the power of believing, I understand the importance of observing my thoughts.

I have FAITH that there is a principle of life that responds to my belief and that I never lack.

The fruits of my FAITH are health, happiness, peace, love, goodwill, abundance, security, balance, equanimity, serenity and tranquility.

My FAITH is in God, in his cosmic gifts, in all good things like success, happiness and prosperity.

FAITH is a way of thinking.

That which I pray or desire, ends up happening because of the Infinite Intelligence operating within me.

I keep feeding my goal with FAITH and confidence.

All the things for which I pray and desire, I believe I have already received and they are granted to me.

I pray believing that I have already received it.

A wish is a prayer.

My FAITH has healed me.

I have FAITH in all good things.

With quiet confidence and perfect FAITH I speak and wait for the perfect law.

I trust in infinite intelligence at all times, all circumstances, in all places and under all conditions.

I have a deep belief in the efficacy found in all sincere FAITH.

Everything is possible for the one who believes.

FAITH makes things work out.

I believe in prosperity and success.

I have FAITH in the infinite intelligence of the universe. I have FAITH in the infinite intelligence.

FAITH is the point of contact between infinite intelligence and the person.

All things are possible for those who believe.

Though around me all courage fails, I am strong; Though around me doubt prevails, in FAITH I press on.

FAITH is a way of thinking, a mental attitude, a way of understanding the laws of the mind.

The therapy of the scientific sentence is the only true answer to the great delusion of illusions.

To have FAITH means to accept that which reason and intellect deny.

The law of life is the law of conviction.

FAITH in the Good allows me to see the Good everywhere and in all people.

True FAITH is the combined use of my subconscious and conscious minds, scientifically directed to a certain purpose.

I have the will to try, the courage to make the attempt, and the FAITH to believe in myself, because I have confidence in the law of Good.

FAITH is a mental attitude towards life that can be cultivated, it can be consciously acquired.

Because I walk by FAITH, not by sight.

I know that my prayer of FAITH, though denied by the evidence of my senses if persevered, will be deposited in my subconscious mind and will be fulfilled.

FAITH is the most important thing in life.

An awareness of FAITH reverses fear.

A deep and abiding FAITH has grown in me.

Those people who have great FAITH have great power.

Prayer brings me to a place of mental acceptance.

The prayer of FAITH makes it possible for the law to respond and produce the desired thing.

Affirmative prayer creates the desired results.

I consciously enter the inner spirit.

FAITH or the belief that I already am or have what I desire is the only means by which I experience my desires.

In FAITH one has a joyful heart.

In FAITH one has a joyful heart.

The feeling is the sentence and the words create the feeling.

As much as I can believe, I will be granted.

I know that FAITH in me neutralizes ALL doubt.

I have a positive FAITH, a rightly oriented FAITH, a FAITH that clings to the integrity of the universe.

FAITH is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Prayer is a path, just as is the practice of the science of the mind.

FAITH is always the light of my day and the light of my path, making that path clearly visible to me.

FAITH is developed by my belief, acceptance and trust.

My FAITH is sacred!!!

My word is law to that which I declare.

The word that has power is that which is supported by conviction.

What I speak is a law for the thing about which I have spoken, regardless of the conditions that exist.

My spiritual vision is clear and my FAITH in the spiritual substance is unwavering.

FAITH and acceptance are the essence of the power of prayer.

FAITH is the power of prayer.

FAITH is a mental attitude that finds no contradiction in the mind of the one who has it.

FAITH is an attitude of mind that is so convinced of its own idea that it accepts it so completely that any contradiction is inconceivable and impossible.

Asking is the scientific basis of prayer.

The scientific sentence is the solution to all my "problems".

Prayer does more things than this world dreams of.

FAITH is a mental attitude that finds no contradiction in the mind of the one who has it.

I have a FAITH that there is only One Mind. This mind is in turn the Mind of the human being.

FAITH knows that the Universe is a Spiritual System and that the human being is part of this system.

FAITH denies this and denies everything that contradicts what for it is the supreme fact of existence.

FAITH is essential for mental treatment to be effective, but this FAITH must be a FAITH of understanding.