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Mental Science and Metaphysics: Discover the Power of your Mind and Create Abundance

The Best Decrees in Metaphysics for General Well-being

Steps for the treatment of General Wellness.

1.- Take two deep breaths to connect with your energy and relax your body. Inhale and count to 4, hold your breath for a count of 2 and exhale for another count of 4.

2.- Verbalize these statements to attract love with a soft but firm voice.

3.- When you verbalize it, concentrate your attention on the SOLAR PLEXUS, which is just at the level of the sternum, that is, next to your heart and in the center of your chest.

4.- Put feeling in every time you pronounce these words statements to attract. It is a fundamental step. Without the feeling of love, it doesn't work.

5.- If when pronouncing these decrees o positive affirmationsIf you have images that do not correspond to love, do not despair, it takes a while to remove the limiting beliefs to change them for these others that make you attract love.

6.- Do it in the morning, just after waking up, and at night just before going to sleep. It is when our brain is more connected with the energy of the universe to bring us the energy of the universe. abundance and prosperity.

IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS TO NOTE: If you can't do it out loud, that's okay. Do it quietly. Don't tell anyone. It loses strength. Keep this work of attracting love for yourself and concentrate that energy and let it grow in you, and not be eliminated by the limiting beliefs of your friends, family or close ones.

I am becoming the master of myself.

My memory is improving.

I am gaining confidence.

I see myself as an attractive being and I don't compare myself to other people.

I have as much energy as I choose to have.

I am satisfied with myself and I don't need to be taken into account by other people to be happy.

I am open to new things and to change.

Every moment presents a wonderful new opportunity to get closer to who I am.

I flow with life easily and effortlessly.

I now go beyond other people's limitations.

I am not my mother's fears and limitations, nor am I my father's fears or limitations.

I am neither my own fears nor my own limitations.

I can erase my false or limiting thoughts as easily as cleaning a dirty window.

When the window of my mind is clear, I can clearly see negative thoughts for what they are and choose to eliminate them.

It is my mind that creates my experiences.

I have unlimited abilities to create the good in my life.

As long as I keep my thoughts positive, life brings me good experiences.

There is enough for everyone, including me.

Good things come to me from all sides and from everything.

All is well in my world.

I now live in unlimited love, light and joy.

I fill my mind with statements that express fullness.

I feel God flowing within myself.

There is an invisible life and a substance more considerable and real than the material.

I am a child of God and I have to think as HE thinks, only in abundance and fullness.

The more often I deliver an affirmation logical and certain to my mind, the stronger my sense of self-confidence becomes.

God is good and so are all his creatures.

I can only do good and nothing but good comes into my life.

All my life is good and I will receive only good.

I am concentrating right now on the higher, eternal idea of universal goodness that I harbor in my mind.

I speak only of the good.

Every thought of fear that challenges my desire dies and my desire lives on.

The cosmic energy cleanses my subconscious and I become free.

God is my instant and eternal supply and support.

God is the origin of a powerful stream of substance and I am a tributary of this stream, a channel of its expression.

I am the substance of strong and immovable spirit.

Every day I awaken more and more my spiritual understanding of life.

Every day, more and more, I awaken my spiritual understanding of life.

The mind is the container where ideas become realities.

I am kind, cordial, affable and have good will towards my fellow men.

I choose peace, prosperity, wisdom and security.

I learn to walk only in one direction, knowing that the divine mind that granted me my desire also shows me how to get it.

My thoughts are wise and my actions are wise.

I give thanks for the perfect and harmonious solution I obtain through the wisdom of the divine mind.

Attention is key in life.

I know all things. I can do all things.

I feel happy, joyful and free.

Universe, show me the way to offer a greater service to people

I am happy and free.

I feel the infinite intelligence flowing within myself.

I reach an understanding of the forces of the universe and awaken spiritually.

There is an invisible life and a substance much more considerable and real than the material.

The more often I deliver an affirmation The more logical and true to my mind the stronger my sense of self-confidence becomes.

I can only do good and nothing but good will come into my life.

I am the daughter of absolute good.

God is good, therefore I am good.

All my life is good, and I will receive only good.

I see goodness in every thing and in every person through the mind's eye and receive all kinds of benefit.

I live my life to the fullest, rejoicing to be alive and improving my experience every day.

I think positively in spirit and I am always successful.

I have the light and understanding of the Universe.

I thoroughly perceive and trust in the one, universal, eternal substance of the Universe.

I trust in the simplicity and infallibility of my subconscious mind, attracting more prosperity every day.

I think of everything I need as something already obtained.

The universe wants me to get everything now.

I trust in omnipotence.

I refuse to worry about tomorrow or even the next minute. I know that the Universe does not fail to fulfill the provisions for its divine idea, and I am this divine idea.

I rely on the universal law of prosperity and I comply with your dictates at every moment of my life.

I cultivate the habit of thinking of the abundance present in all things.

I accumulate useful ideas and wealth that are constructive and serve the welfare of all mankind.

I always act with joy and competence and I don't have to worry about results.

I am thankful for everything I have.

Infinite wisdom guides me, divine love makes me prosper, and I succeed in everything I do.

With tranquility and confidence, I declare that the creative power of divine love is the magnet for my constant growth.

I want to be tidy.

I will be tidy.

I organize all my affairs and business.

I have a method.

I am tidy.

I am efficient.

The will of the universe is for every person to be healthy, happy and prosperous.

I trust other people.

I do not judge people's guilt or innocence.

Forgiveness of all people includes myself. I forgive myself too.

The spirit of righteousness, enthusiasm, efficiency and orderliness is expressed in everything I do.

I was born with all the necessary background to enjoy a full, happy and successful life.

I was born to win, to conquer, to rise above all obstacles and to show the world the virtues within me.

All the powers, qualities, attributes and aspects of infinite intelligence are within me.

I never tire of giving thanks that the riches of the universe are always at my disposal and that they are active, unchanging and eternal.

The universe now caters to my every need.

All problems are divinely overcome.

The most valuable things in the whole world are inside me.

All my needs are met anytime, anywhere.

Divine law and order rule in me.

I radiate love, peace, prosperity and goodwill to the whole world.

The universe makes me grow.

I am not a victim of circumstances, I am the master of the situation.

To all my desires I give fulfillment in my subconscious mind.

The laws of my mind make my well-being a reality.

All people contribute to my well-being and success.

From now on, the words I say heal, bless, enrich, motivate and strengthen me, but they will also have an effect on everyone else.

The peace of the universe fills my soul.

That which I am looking for, is also looking for me.

I meditate on the divine qualities that I harbor within me and that everyone else possesses as well.

From this moment on, the words I use will heal, bless, succeed and strengthen me.

I make sure that my inner monologue matches my goals or desires in life.

I keep my thoughts in Universal Consciousness.

I am truly thinking spiritually when there is no fear or worry in my judgment.

The past and the future are two thieves. I count my blessings now and get rid of them.

Attention is the key to life.

Whatever you mentally accept and feel to be true will happen.

I feel the truth of what I affirm in my heart.

I am intolerant of false ideas but intolerant of people.

Self-blame brings failure and unhappiness. Self-forgiveness brings happiness, peace and a triumphant life.

I forgive myself and accept that forgiveness.

I make it a habit to glorify the divine presence within and then live accordingly.

The past is only the memory of my past.

At this moment I think of peace, harmony, joy, love and goodwill.

I open myself to a new and glorious life.

The infinite power that grants me my desire, also reveals to me the perfect plan to achieve it.

I pour energy, life, love and attention into what I want.

I mentally and emotionally identify with my desire and realize that it is as real as my hand or heart.

I give thanks for the riches of the universe that flow freely in my life.

I believe that the subconscious power that has given me that desire is fulfilling it through me.

I am thankful every day for my health, abundance, security and so many blessings.

The universe multiplies my well-being.

The universe offers me new creative ideas.

The infinite intelligence of the universe thinks and speaks through me.

God's peace flows through me and through my whole being.

God in me thinks, speaks, acts and responds to all of life.

Laughter restores my perspective.

The peace of the universe reaches my soul.

The whole world is there for you to enjoy.

I am continuously releasing the splendor imprisoned within me.

Kindness, truth and compassion follow me every day of my life.

I choose to be healthy, happy, prosperous and successful.

I concentrate my attention on the ideas of harmony, health, peace, joy and good disposition in order to enter into my desired new joie de vivre.

I am always calm, serene and composed.

I remain faithful to my desire.

No one can harm me because I am the owner of my thoughts, actions and emotions.

I do not pay attention to the falsehoods that other people say about me.

With the infinite intelligence of the universe all is possible.

Cosmic intelligence provides me with everything I claim, feel and believe.

I accept my Good now.

I am the recipient of all the riches, power and wisdom of the infinite.

There is a subjective wisdom in me that reveals to me the perfect plan and shows me the way I should go.

I am the conqueror of any circumstance because the universe dwells in me.

Any problem I face is divinely overcome.

I give thanks for the perfect and harmonious solution that takes place through the wisdom of infinite intelligence.

Happiness is a state of mind.

The realm of happiness is in my thought and emotion.

I am the master of my destiny. I am the captain of my soul.

All the power that exists in the universe is always at my disposal.
I am a friend of the whole world and the whole world is my friend.

I desire only good and I know that only good comes to me.

The words I speak are spirit and are life.

All the power of the Universe brings me every day when I may need it.

Every time I think of something great, I say right away: That's the way I am.

I trust myself more than anyone else.

All life, all love and all power are in my life now.

I am one with life, with all power and with all presence. I Am.

All I want is truth and wisdom.

I walk with the awareness of presence all day long.

The fullness of infinite intelligence flows through me at all times, filling all the vessels in my life.

I only accept thoughts and ideas that motivate, heal, bless and inspire my mind.

I see, hear, speak and read only what I want to.

I am a center of divine activity.

All is right with the world.

I find no fault in anyone and, above all, I find no fault in myself.

People and things are fine.

My soul lives today with immense joy.

I live in the eternal here and now.

Now everything good is mine.

Now all life, truth and love are mine.

Now all the good things in life are mine today.

I open my consciousness to the immense possibilities of life.

Everything is mine to use.

Acceptance is always a mental process: It is to believe absolutely.

I live in the eternal and great universe of perfection.

The world is fine and I know it.

The past goes away when I forgive and forget.

I reason like a god.

I am a center of divine activity.

Whatever God is in the universal, I am in the world in which I live.

I walk, talk and move in infinite intelligence.

I am and have perfect calm and absolute confidence in the spirit.

My soul lives in the joy of today.

I let my soul sing today and, tomorrow, the song to come will be even sweeter.

The goal is won and peace has finally arrived today.

I learn to see God in all demonstration.

God has created me for my glorious future.

I am one with infinite life.

My life is governed by the infinite intelligence of the universe.

My own word is invincible.

I attract from the universe all that I desire.

It is done, it is complete, now and forever. Perfect life, perfect healing, perfect harmony, divine guidance, infinite strength and joy forever.

I put my thoughts in harmony with life, love and beauty.

I am, therefore, I can, therefore, I will.

I acquire the knowledge required to guide my desires towards their true objects of satisfaction.

I usually think of the good, the beautiful and the true.

I follow the path of right direction, the path of peace, the path of joy and the path to eternal life.

I keep a close eye on my mental balance.

The real wealth lies in identifying myself in the spirit of opulence.

I attract to me the material good, as well as that superior wealth.

To say I AM is to send vibrations of my thought streams throughout the universe to do my bidding whenever and wherever I want.

I AM is the door.

The Great Affirmation is the Secret of Life, and to say I AM, with true understanding of all that it implies, is to get in touch with all the powers of the infinite.

I am a being of goodness, intelligence and unlimited power.

I work in the fullness of strength and confidence.

My Good is unlimited supply.

The word Good is the only word that can do all things.

The mind of the universe thinks through me.

Infinite joy sings through me.

The ability of the spirit works miracles through me.

Infinite intelligence works through truth.

Good is the universal name of God.

In my idea of Good there is no absence of Good.

In my idea of Good there is no mixture of evil, therefore, there is no evil.

There is no absence of life, substance or intelligence in my ideal of the Good.

To know God is to be God.

I am my own understanding of God.

All that is God, I Am.

God acts through me to will and to do what must be done for me.

My understanding makes my world an agreement of itself.

I give all people absolute freedom in my own mind.

Everything good that happens in my life is a demonstration of the presence of the intelligence of the universe.

As God, I see that everything is good.

As Mind, I perceive that everything is Mind.

As Spirit, I perceive that everything is good.

I let that which is true light be my light, and let Truth be my words.

I do not accuse the world or myself of sin, all is well.

The whole world is absolutely fine.

I don't believe in blending. I don't believe in failure. I believe in success.

There is nothing to fear. I am clinging to the infinite universal intelligence.

I will not doubt the Good. I believe in infinite universal intelligence.

There is no mixture of good and bad in me. All is good.

Now I am wise and immortal, free, strong and at peace.

I see no evil in anything or anyone. I see only their Good.

I have a feeling of gratitude towards everything and everyone.

Happiness is the stone of freedom.

Everything I see, hear, smell, taste, feel and think delights me and I am completely satisfied.

God is the ability of all things.

God only sees the heart.

I am in intelligence and at peace.

The infinite intelligence of the universe is the free substance that pervades and comprehends all things.

The spirit is one with my understanding. It is one with me.

God is the infinite mind, which gives me strength and aptitude to accomplish whatever task is set before me.

I tune in to the infinite in me.

I wish all people success.

The life of the infinite intelligence of the universe gives vitality to every atom of my being.

I notice that in these moments the life of infinite intelligence is encouraging, sustaining and strengthening me.

The real riches lie in my subconscious mind.

I determine for my life wealth, beauty, security and justice.

I focus my attention on the good things in life.

My future will be wonderful because my harmonious thoughts will germinate and develop giving me beautiful fruits such as health, happiness, abundance and peace of mind.

I think regularly and systematically about life, enlightenment, happiness and a more abundant existence.

Whatever I pay attention to grows, enlarges and multiplies my life experience.

A new beginning is a new ending.

I am aware that the golden river of life, love, truth and beauty flows through me, transforming my whole being into a pattern of harmony, health and peace.

There is an infinite wisdom and power already established within me, wisdom and power that allows me to solve all my problems and become a rich, happy, joyful and free woman.

Internally, I am equipped with all the powers of infinite intelligence that make me master of my destiny.

I choose wisely, judiciously and constructively.

I choose the infinite intelligence within me to direct and guide me.

Intuition goes beyond reason.

Divine goodness directs my steps.

I vibrate and tune in to the infinite within me.

I receive all the blessings and riches of life.

I am unique.

Within me is the infinite intelligence, which created the world and knows no obstacles.

I change my thought life and keep it changed.

I salute the divinity in me.

I have a perfect memory for everything I need to know.

Infinite intelligence guides me, points out to me and reveals to me the next step I have to take.

By blessing my neighbor, I bless myself as well.

I am full of goodwill towards all people.

I have forgiven myself and other people.

Whatever I accept and mentally feel to be true will eventually come to pass.

The way I really think and feel deep in my heart is what governs all phases of my life.

The law of life is the law of conviction.

Thought is cause and the demonstration of it is the effect.

Suggestions and statements of other people have NO power over me.

I have a firm conviction in God's power to solve my problem.

There is always a solution for every problem.

I do not beg or plead. I simply reorder my mind and align myself with the truth.

The past is only the memory one has of it.

All I have to do is change my present thinking to change my whole life.

The solution is in the problem.

The infinite intelligence that knows everything knows the answer and reveals itself to me now.

Creative intelligence brings me a happy solution, it allows me to find an answer.

If it's good now, it's as good as if it had never been bad.

My life is God's life and that life is my life now.

All the powers of God are in me.

Infinite life searches through me, in the form of my desires.

I am strong, whole, perfect, powerful, radiant, enlightening and inspiring.

I am the owner, I am going to computerize my thoughts and determine what to pay attention to.

I permanently believe in the goodness of the infinite intelligence, in its guidance, in the presence that surpasses everything.

Divine love goes before me, making my path straight, beautiful and joyful.

I believe in the good life and I believe I am worth living and his conviction makes it a fact.

In the game of life, I win with pleasure and lose with a smile.

The bigger the problem, the more good humor I give them.

The light and love of infinite intelligence guide and govern me in all that I do.

The enemies are in one's own mind and nowhere else.

Each person is like a queen in her own mind.

Good is everywhere, in all places. Life is the Good, so life is everywhere.

Words are magnets and attract anything that is similar to them.

I am open and receptive to new ideas.

The reality in me, my soul, is imperishable and knows no fear.

The energy of infinite power animates and sustains me, and creative ideas unfold within me, revealing to me all that I need to know.

I am full of energy and the wisdom of infinity runs through my veins now.

All those for whom I have had past feelings, may they have health, happiness, peace and all the blessings of life.

Divine love, divine harmony and divine peace dominate my mind and heart.

I am all Wise. I know all things. God reveals to me what is wrong. I know and believe that the answer will come clearly to my conscious, reasoning mind.

I think of God as an infinite intelligence that knows all things.

God is an ever-present help. God is my refuge.

Matter is spirit in form.

Sorry means giving love, goodwill, harmony and all the blessings of life to all people everywhere.

A properly motivated person can do the impossible because they don't know it can't be done.

I have a general attitude of peace and goodwill to all people.

I am a spiritual being.

One by one I remove the mental obstacles that exist between me and my destiny.

My wishes are for the good of all people, including me.

I and good are one.

I listen to my intuition because it is the voice of God within me.

I plant only seeds of happiness, joy, peace and goodwill.

My thoughts are filled with the atmosphere of life's kindness, gift and peace.

My thoughts of peace transform thoughts of confusion.

I see God in all people the same God with a different face.

I see the god in you and you see the god in me.

The soul is the triumphant, indestructible and unconquerable thing I possess.

My mind digests ideas just as my body digests food.

The truth is already within me.

I keep my mind firm and loyal that I am governed by this infinite intelligence.

I rejoice in the truth I already possess, and look to the future with confident hope.

The lips of wisdom remain closed, except to the ear capable of understanding.

Nothing is immovable; everything moves, everything vibrates.

Everything is double, everything has two poles; everything has its pair of opposites.

I feel firmly held in the infinite mind and nothing exists that can harm me or cause me fear.

There is no power outside the ALL that can harm me.

Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates.

The universe, which is totally mental, can only be mastered through mentality.

I am the person I want to be today.

Sentiment is the winner.

Something wonderful is happening to me now.

I am in all aspects of my life the way I think and feel.

Something wonderful is happening to me now.

I am in all aspects of my life the way I think and feel.

My heart and my brain are in harmony.

I only lose what I cling to.

If I bring out what is within me, what I bring out will save me.

I trust in the universe and because of this I have happiness, prosperity and well-being.

Nature provides a table that is always overflowing.

I perceive that, because I am who I am, I know that good is mine right now, all good.

My existence is enlightened by a powerful mind, pure intelligence and divine goodness.

Here and now, I am surrounded by, and immersed in an infinite Good.

The word is the mold that, acting through the law, produces the form.

I am a partaker of the nature and abundance of the All Good and am now surrounded by all that makes life valuable.

I have the conviction that everything is fine.

I always hope for the good.

I live in a perfect universe and among potentially perfect people.

I feel a peace that surpasses all understanding.

The scientific way to solve a problem is to conceive daily in thought that the solution is already a fact in experience.

From any chaos I can produce harmony.

I train myself to think what I want to think, to feel what I want to feel.

I decide what I want to think.

The infinite intelligence within me, takes me out of worry, confusion and doubt.

I walk straight ahead, come what may, for all fear is illusion.

Compassion is being willing to forgive and trying to understand rather than judge.

The less I think, the more delicious life becomes.

I make the decision to stop the conversation and the useless chatter.

The source of continued pleasure is the self and not the self, independence from the world is produced.

All fear is illusion.

All that is needed for programming is prayer, faith in the process and surrendering the resistances.

I smile persistently.

A fearless woman achieves wonders.

I cultivate the power to forget what can cause harm to my spiritual life.

What I want to do, I do with all my strength.

I give each of the departments of my brain the necessary rest.

A person's magnet is his or her thinking.

I fix all my mental strength on the plan I have drawn up.

Enthusiasm and fervor are eminently contagious.

My thoughts are powerfully creative.

I am a vibratory center of magnetic force and vitality.

I develop the power to attract the things I want.

I will never speak unkindly of anyone. If I can't see any good in them, I won't see anything or say anything.

In every person, who approaches me, I look for the good and strong.

I am courageous. I cultivate my strength and am grateful for what I have.

Personal power comes from mental independence.

I believe in myself.

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. I don't do anything carelessly.

I am full of courage.

I analyze my problems and decide for myself and act alone. I don't ask other people for advice.

Have a cheerful, optimistic and hopeful mind.

There is a great power and a force that takes care of me.

I act calmly and deliberately.

I have an ever-increasing and unlimited capacity for happiness.

The happiness I achieve this month is but the stepping stone to the greater happiness of the next.

Whatever habit I have to change, I will do it easily and naturally.

By forgetting I allow the entrance of a new idea, which is new life.

I bring joy to others by acting with kindness.

I rejoice with other people's successes.

I am transformed by the renewal of my mind.

I am firm, constant and strong with my thoughts.

I am independent of other people's opinions.

Wisdom enters my heart.

My thoughts make me what I am.

The desire to do the right thing carries great power.

My life is shaped by the thoughts I have.

I demand wisdom to act wisely for myself and others.

My moods are controlled by me and at will.

I never let someone else's opinion affect me.

I am what I think I am.

Only the best can come to me.

The good and nothing but the good can enter my world.

I am happy; I am bubbling with enthusiasm and I am looking forward with joyful expectation to all good things.

I carry peace with me.

Those who enter my orbit are blessed by my inner radiance.

My true savior is my thinking and feeling.

It is a habit of mine to be happy.

I am indulgent with all the adversities that the present may bring me.

I see suffering as a teacher and a friend and I am successful because I handle it with equanimity.

Equanimity = Unyielding mind.

I always look for the good in everyone.

I always look for the good in all things.