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Mental Science and Metaphysics: Discover the Power of your Mind and Create Abundance

Metaphysical Health Decrees

I have already begun the healing process.

I am all health, God is my health.

I am totally healthy.

Health, come out! Love, come out! Success, come out! Wealth, come out!

The God's love flows through all people, and the love of God flows through all people.. I wish all people success, happiness and peace.

I feel rejuvenated, revitalized and full of spiritual, mental and physical energy.

I am what I eat psychologically and spiritually.

I maintain a daily mental and spiritual diet.

Divine mind is healing me at this moment. The divine mind made all the bones and organs of my body and they are all in the place they should be to serve me.

The healing is now.

There is an infinite intelligence that made me and can heal my body.

I develop a healthy spiritual diet for my mind.

I am in excellent health and happy.

My body is full of vitality and in perfect health.

The infinite intelligence that created my body is healing it.

I think of the cure and not the disease.

I fill my mind with statements healthy, changing my body with it.

The universe is healing me now.

My subconscious can heal my body.

The Good I am looking for is my health.

My Good is my health.

The pleasant and happy mind is a giver of health.

A thoroughly good temperament is a happy temperament and a happy temperament will cure anything.

I have a perfect and radiant body, full of vitality, energy and power.

The healing Presence and Intelligence of my subconscious is vitalizing, healing and restoring my whole being to harmony, wisdom, peace and soundness.

I am divinely protected and guided by a powerful presence.

My subjective self governs all my vital organs.

I request that the Presence flowing through me, keep me full, pure and perfect.

The healing Presence that dwells in me now flows through my body, healing me, revitalizing me and filling my whole being with energy.

I know and feel that harmony, beauty and life manifest in me, in the form of strength, peace, vitality, beauty, wholeness and right action.

Love cleanses my mind and heart and I feel healthy.

I feel much more balanced, serene, healthy and self-confident.

The infinite healing presence flows through me in the form of harmony, health, peace, wholeness and perfection.

Love is healing and dwells in my every cell.

Divine love, divine peace and divine harmony work permanently between me and other people.

There is an intelligence that made me and that can heal my body.

The FAITH that brings about healing is an attitude of mind.

With my mind, I choose health and happiness.

I always light the lamp of love, peace and trust within myself.

The universe is peace, and its peace fills my soul and my body.

God is perfect health, and His health is my health.

God is joy, and his joy is my joy, and I feel extraordinarily good.

My entire body is re-establishing health and harmony right now.

If I bring out what is within me, what I bring out will save me.

Health is a mental state as well as a physical state.

I am healthy and perfect.

My word has the power to heal.

There is a perfect vision that sees through me.

I will lift up my eyes to God, from whom my perfect sight comes.

Through the prism of God's love, I recognize the Oneness of God and the human being. I have perfect sight right now!

My hearing is perfect, for it is God who hears through me.

I hear perfectly the voice of Good.

My ears are open to Divine harmony.

The inner ear and the outer ear are both open and receptive to the vibration of perfect harmony.

There is nothing in me now that doubts my ability to heal.

I convert my mind into a magnet that attracts health.

I keep my mind at complete rest.

I possess an ever-increasing mental strength.

I focus my thoughts on health.

My FAITH has healed me.

The infinite intelligence of my inner self of healing, guidance and harmony are constant and unchanging.

God pours His energy, power, strength, joy, love and beauty into every cell of my body, rejuvenating and restoring my whole being.

My appetite, like my assimilation of food, is functioning in divine order and my body is manifesting symmetry and perfection.