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Mental Science and Metaphysics: Discover the Power of your Mind and Create Abundance

Metaphysical Decrees Imagination and Visualization

My imagination creates things from the one and only substance that makes up the universe.

My imagination and will act together and all things become possible.

My mind forms whatever I want through imagination.

Now, in my mind, mental images, ideas and thoughts heal me, bless me, prosper me, motivate me and strengthen me.

I am capable of making real whatever my mind is capable of. imagine and feel like the real thing.

Imagination rules my world.

The images that I contemplate and consciously accept as true are imprinted in my subconscious mind and manifest in my life.

Every image that I create in my mind with emotion, ends up happening.

Imagination is greater than knowledge.

I imagine a happy ending and what I contemplate will be what I will experience.

Life is the mirror that reflects the images of my thoughts.

My imagination is the creative power that can and does achieve the end effortlessly and naturally.

I imagine and accept only those thoughts and feelings that contribute to my happiness.

Imagination creates reality.

I live entirely on the level of imagination.

If I change my imagination, I change the facts.

Imagination is creative, will directs.