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Mental Science and Metaphysics: Discover the Power of your Mind and Create Abundance

Metaphysical Exercises of Transformation With Mental Science

From the moment you are born, even from the womb, our subconscious mind records the data it hears from our environment, interprets some data differently in its own way, and even very simple events repeat themselves in negative cycles.

If we do not purify the subconscious of these feelings, negative events will repeat themselves one after another, people change, time changes, but the scenario is always the same.

What is Subconscious Cleansing?

How Faith Core Backed Subliminal Cleansing Work Helps Change Your Life

From the moment we are born our subconscious mind records every word spoken from the environment, our subconscious filter is weakest during childhood.

What is the difference between subconscious cleaning and other methods?

With the clearing of the subconscious, the study of core beliefs deals with the person as a whole, starting from the womb and all the negative suggestions that have been given up to this age are balanced. The CDs you will listen to after studying will give your subconscious commands five thousand times a night, allowing you to have a clear mind…

How to understand true subconscious cleansing What are the effects?

Verás muchos síntomas después del trabajo realizado en nuestro sitio web y los CD que escuches, verás muchos síntomas en los primeros días, es posible que tengas pesadillas antes de olvidarlas, escribirlas en un cuaderno es el primer paso. de limpieza subconsciente, pararse más erguido, fortalecer el contacto visual, mejor funcionamiento del sistema digestivo, brillo en su piel y ojos, cambio en su tono de voz Muchos efectos tangibles, incluso, le harán darse cuenta de la verdadera limpieza subconsciente…

How does the subconscious cleansing process work?

When you call, a preliminary determination is made as to whether you are eligible for the study.

What is the difference between core faith and subconscious cleansing work?

The goal of this study is to clear the subconscious mind. Suggestions are prepared accordingly. It will be more efficient to rest the suggestions prepared during sleep.