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Charles Fillmore

Charles Fillmore (August 22, 1854 - July 5, 1948) founded Unity , a church within the New Thought movement , with his wife, Myrtle Page Fillmore , in 1889.

He became known as an American mystic for his contributions to spiritualistic interpretations of biblical scripture.

He is the author of several books of worldwide success.

The Books of Charles Fillmore

The reader will be able to enjoy prosperity at every stage of his or her life with the teachings of Charles Fillmore. Designed for attract people seeking prosperity physical or spiritual. He founded the Unity Church with a spirit centered on the Christian faith. If the reader follows and understands his books, he or she will be able to experience the mental science.

Some of the books written by charles fillmore include:

The Life of Charles Fillmore

The unity continued, growing into a worldwide movement. Unity World Headquarters in Unity Village and Unity Worldwide Ministries are the organizations of the movement.

In 1890, they announced a prayer group later called 'Silent Unity'. In 1891, Fillmore's Unity magazine was first published. H.Emilie Cadypublished "Lessons of Truth" in the new magazine.

Early life of Charles Fillmore

Charles Fillmore was born in St. Cloud, Minnesota, on August 22, 1854. His parents were Phoebe Wilcox and Levi Fillmore, who were farmers. He was the third of seven children. When he was eight years old, his family moved to a farm in Iowa. He attended local schools and then went to the University of Upper Iowa, where he studied for two years. In 1876 he moved to Kansas City, Missouri, where he worked as a real estate agent. An ice-skating accident when he was ten years old broke Fillmore's hip, leaving him disabled for life.

Marriage and family of Charles Fillmore

In 1880, Charles Fillmore married Myrtle Page. They had three children together: Charles Jr., who died in infancy; Cora, who died at the age of 16; and Clara, who died at the age of 24. Myrtle died in 1886. In 1889, Charles Fillmore married Julia Anderson, with whom he had two daughters: Daisy and Ruth.

He met his future wife, Mary Caroline "Myrtle" Page , in Denison, Texas, in the mid-1870s. After losing his job there, he moved to Gunnison, Colorado, where he worked in mining and real estate. [4]

He married Myrtle in Clinton, Missouri on March 29, 1881. The newlyweds moved to Pueblo, Colorado , where Charles established a real estate business with Nona L. Brooks' brother-in-law,

After the birth of their first two children, Lowell Page Fillmore and Waldo Rickert Fillmore, the family moved to Kansas City, Missouri. Two years later, in 1886, Charles and Myrtle attended New Thought classes taught by E.B. Weeks. Myrtle later recovered from chronic tuberculosis and attributed her recovery to the use of prayer and other methods learned in Weeks' classes. Afterwards, Charles began to recover from his childhood accident, a development that he also attributed to following this philosophy. Charles Fillmore became a devoted student of philosophy and religion.

Myrtle Fillmore died in 1931. Charles Fillmore he remarried in 1933 to Cora G. Dedrick, who was a collaborator on his later writings.

Spiritual Awakening by Charles Fillmore

In 1886, Charles Fillmore he had a spiritual awakening that led him to start studying various religions. He was interested in the Christian Science, and in 1888 he joined the Church of Christ, Scientist. He also began to study transcendentalism, which was a movement that emphasized the importance of the individual and the spiritual world.

The Unity School of Christianity

In 1889, Charles Fillmore and his wife started the Unity Society of Practical Christianity, which later became known as the Unity School of Christianity. The school taught that God is present in all people and that everyone has the potential to be healed spiritually and physically.

Writing and Teaching by Charles Fillmore

Charles Fillmore wrote many books on spirituality and religion, including Truth Lessons, which is a series of Christian Science lessons. He also wrote a daily devotional called Keep a True Lent. He gave talks and lectures on spirituality throughout the United States.

Years after Charles Fillmore

In his later years, Charles Fillmore he continued to write and teach about spirituality. He also founded the Unity Institute, which is now known as the Unity World Spiritual Institute. He died on October 3, 1948, at the age of 94.

Charles Fillmore Legacy

Charles Fillmore is considered the co-founder of the New Thought movement. His teachings have influenced many people, including Ernest Holmesthe founder of the Church of Religious Science. The Unity School of Christianity continues to teach his principles and practices.