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? How to Visualize Effectively and Manifest Faster ? Powerful Technique for the Subconscious ?

Today we will talk about the display.

The reason why this topic seems so important to us is for two fundamental reasons.

First Reason For View

The display is of vital importance to manifest what you want in your life. The most authoritative people in this subject, always emphasize that display es el pilar de manifestar físicamente tus deseos es la Visualization With Feeling or Emotion.

Second Reason For View

Why do we get different questions to make it effective? display. Ya sea de pagos de dinero, pareja, sentirse felices en su vida personal, mejor negocio próspero o un mejor trabajo entre otras muchas situaciones.

The main idea is to have a change of mentality in your subconscious.

Chances are you've already heard or read, that display is important because the brain does not understand the difference between something imagined and something real.

También es muy probable que hayas visualizado ya muchas veces y no se haya manifestado tu deseo.

There are many videos and articles on the internet, books and advice from our environment, however...

Why do so many people visualize and so few achieve their desires?

In order for the display is achieved with the greatest effectiveness must be carried out with a series of parameters.

Las personas que tienen dudas dicen, ok, puedo verme a mí misma haciendo cualquier actividad, pero no soy capaz de verme a mí misma a través de los ojos en primera persona y con el «sentir» esa actividad o deseo que quiero en mi vida.

This is where the importance of the display effective. This is the language that your brain speaks and understands, which is not only display something, but to hear it, to touch the texture, to smell, that is, to bring to the projected "scene", all the physical senses as if you were in the "physical reality".

This is really important, because this is what the brain understands. And in order for your brain to believe that what you are visualizing is real, that something that has not yet happened, something that you are trying to manifest, the easiest and fastest way to do it is to associate all your senses through your vision.

This will generate the FEELING, which is the main gasoline, the force that will set in operation the Law of Attraction in your favor.

Some exercises for display effectively

So the exercises we want to share in this website is a very good way to achieve it.

Keep in mind that, as in sports, in your daily life, work or any action you want to perform automatically and effortlessly, you must practice it over and over again until it takes effect and your subconscious mind is imbued with this new habit or new skill.

How to display images in the mind With Feeling / Emotion

View is a skill to be developed and strengthened like a muscle. You have to exercise it to make it stronger so that it can correct and achieve a display more vivid.

This will strengthen your ability to display.

To start training your brain, start small.

Find a quiet place in your home or place of your choice, where you can concentrate without being interrupted.

Take several deep breaths.

Then you perform a simple task with one of your senses.

Take an object, whatever you want, it can be a book, a ball, a stick, whatever you want.

Pick it up with your hand, feel it and make a mental note of the texture of the object you have picked up. Feel the weight of the object.

Then put the object down, close your eyes, breathe and immediately visualize the object you just picked up and did with it.

The reason is because this is so effective, because you just did the action at that moment, so your mind should have no problem doing this thing that you did in the first person, being able to repeat it in your mind.

If you have any problems, repeat the process. The more you do it, the more you will strengthen this "muscle" of display.

Now, for example, you can take any fruit, for example an orange, smell its citrus smell, and again, leave the object, and go back to display with your eyes closed, how you picked the orange, what it smelled like, the texture, etc.

And so on. This will strengthen your sensory perception through your sense of smell.

Now you can do the same exercise, but now you use taste... Bite into that orange, taste it, and again you close your eyes and go back to display the whole process you did of displaywith added taste.

With sound you do the same thing, wherever you're sure to have some sound, whether it's ambient, wind, any electrical device, whatever.

The main objective of this exercise is that by closing your eyes, mentally remember the whole process in your own skin, walking, doing the task you did, where you incorporated sight, smell, touch and hearing.

The more you do this, the more your brain will understand the relationship of your senses to what you are visualizing.
These exercises are very useful, and you can do them periodically to reinforce them.

The idea is that when you visualize you generate a feeling of already done, already received and already done.

Con la práctica, se te volverá más fácil incorporar aquello que quieras manifestar insertando todos tus sentidos.

So practice, be patient, and keep in mind that every skill has to be repeated.

How to display in first person

As we mentioned above, this is one of the difficulties that people tend to have.

We have seen how to add the senses to our visualizationsand now we must practice how to do it in the first person.

The most effective way to display in the first person is by putting your attention between your eyebrows. In what in some places is called the third eye.

As if it were a movie screen, put it on your two eyebrows, this way you will have in front of you, in first person, the scenes of the images that you bring to your mind.

How to View With Silva Method In Alpha State

Alpha exercise from display

  1. The moment you get up in the morning, go to the bathroom and then go back to bed, sofa or relax chair. Please set a 15-minute alarm. This is so you don't fall asleep again.
  2. Close your eyes and raise them slightly to your eyebrows (about 20 degrees). Different studies have shown that this makes it much easier to switch to the alpha level and to the alpha level. display to better permeate the subconscious.
  3. Count slowly, and in reverse order from the number 100 to the number 1. You do this silently, and each time you count, you must display the corresponding number.
  4. When you get to number 1, you must imagine yourself successful. Remember a time when you were successful, remember the atmosphere that was there, the smell, the feeling, any little detail that makes you live that success again.
  5. Once you have that feeling, repeat mentally: "Day by day I feel better in every way, better and better".
  6. Then you say to yourself: "I will count from 1 to 5; when I reach the number "5", I will open my eyes, feeling well and perfectly healthy, feeling better than I did before".

Important notes and clarifications:

  • Your brain will not be able to relax sufficiently if your body is not relaxed. This is why you need to go to the bathroom beforehand.
  • The moment a person raises his eyes 20 degrees, he is producing more alpha rhythms in his brain and leads to more activity in the right hemisphere of his brain.
  • The countdown is relaxing. Counting forward is activated.

It is a programming exercise of display 40 days, which are subdivided as follows:

1. Countdown from 100 to 1 - 10 days

2. Countdown from 50 to 1 - 10 days

3. Countdown from 25 to 1 - 10 days

4. Countdown from 10 to 1 - 10 days

Do not become impatient, do not want to advance faster and avoid the temptation to do so. You must acquire and develop the habit of functioning consciously at the ALPHA level.

A habit is a pattern of behavior in which it is repeated continuously, over and over again, until it is much easier to do than not to do.!