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Mental Science and Metaphysics: Discover the Power of your Mind and Create Abundance

Programs Practical Metaphysics

We present a program or software to create your favorite audios with your favorite audio files. statements or decrees of metaphysics u prayers favorite.

Impregnating your subconscious mind with the statements or decrees is indispensable for everything you wish to manifest in your life to become a fact.

Not only do you have to impregnate your mind with new beliefs oriented to your desire, but you must also clear your mind of negative unconscious facilities you have accumulated over the years.

An effective way to do this is with subliminal messages to access your subconscious without any barrier that you can put. For this you need special software that can create these subliminal audios in Theta, Alpha, Beta or Delta waves, which are the frequencies in Hz associated with different states.

How to Create Subliminal Audios for Mind Impregnation

You need a computer to be able to use the MINDZOOM program. This software mixes an audio track, which is recommended to be relaxing music, with the audio track from statements or decrees of metaphysics.

Then you choose how often in HZ you want it to be mixed and from there, you have your audio ready to permeate your subconscious mind.
For more detailed explanations of the software you can find it on the software developer's website at https://mindzoom.net/