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Mental Science and Metaphysics: Discover the Power of your Mind and Create Abundance

Universal Metaphysical Laws for Creating and Transforming Reality

The laws of gravity apply universally and are applicable to everyone, whether they know it or not. This applies to all other countries. The 7 forces that control our world, create, regulate and transform it. These seven universal laws govern everything: Everything always moves. Is there any logical reason to believe that life experiences can cause unexpected changes? And the supposedly controlled way of trying to stop something is simply causing us to delay what is inevitably going to happen.

How to Use Universal Laws to Your Favor

Igual que es cierto en las leyes físicas, las leyes mentales, emocionales y espirituales también se ven afectadas. Las Siete Reglas Universales regulan todo. El mundo entero está formado por fuerzas capaces de transformarnos de principio a fin. Estas leyes del universo no están asimiladas por muchas personas, otras no creen en ellas y otras desconocen si quiera su existencia. Aplicar las leyes del universo a tu favor es fácil si las conoces y las estudias de tal manera que aplicarlas a tu vida diaria será coser y cantar.

Simplemente estúdialas, memorízalas y practícalas. Una cada día. Y una vez las hayas aplicado cada día, repítelo de nuevo. La repetición es la clave. El cerebro aprende a base de repetición. Un ejemplo: Cuántas veces repetiste la tabla de multiplicar del 5? Pues lo mismo. Hasta que se quede impregnado en tu adn, repite, repite y repite TODAS LAS LEYES DEL UNIVERSO. Practicar los principios metafísicos te ayudará a un mayor y mejor conocimiento de tu conciencia y del universo.

The Universal Laws of the Kybalion in your Personal Development

The 7 universal laws reflect our daily lives. Why does this matter? This legislation governs our lives, our consciences and our humanity. Sometimes it seems that our reality is different from that of other people. We live and work this way, they know their way and they know where the path leads them.

Apply the 12 (or more) Universal Laws in your Life

When we see things not going as expected and the harmony with the universe is constantly changing, you get anxiety, nervousness and worst of all... Fear.

Keeping yourself in serenity and peace is not an easy task in these circumstances if you do not have the necessary tools. And with the universal laws, are those tools that, as any professional in any sector, you need to have to undertake your work and become a perfect gear and everything flows.

Therefore, it is essential that you know these universal laws of the Universe that will save your life, literally, from within you to be at peace and in control.

What are the 12 universal laws or what do they consist of?

It has been said that these 12 universal laws are intrinsically inherent and, therefore, originate in ancient cultures. The law is often linked by Hooponopono, a meditation to attract freedoms that originates in ancient Hawaiian culture. However, some rules are also related to ancient Egyptian hermetic philosophy. There are many people whose opinions are expressed about such laws. What is important to understand is the practical application in life, and nothing can be read unless the universe vibrates. Connect with your inner essence to enhance your spirituality in a meaningful way and gain peace, steadiness and security in your life.

Law of vibration

Todos nuestros movimientos vibran en frecuencia De ahí que cada persona vibra en diferentes frecuencias – vibracional y «tempo» específico. Establecer las frecuencias de vibración informan de las experiencias vividas. Puedes conseguir dinero y a veces será imposible mantenerlo. Es posible que las vibraciones hayan faltado para conseguir lo que quieres o que la energía no ha sido suficiente para llevarlo a tu vida material. Hay muchos grandes métodos para mejorar las vibraciones como la meditación, los decretos metaphysics, metaphysical sentences, display creative, among others. It is important that people keep vibrating to prevent relationships from disappearing.

All things move. For our universe everything changes forever, and everything else will change forever. Nothing is ever still. Everything is constantly moving.

Divine unity

This is an essential universal law that emphasizes all interconnectedness of things in some way. Everything outside the senses is connected to something. Create genuine connections with all people. Compassion, gratitude, kindness and honesty are ingredients for unity. We are all the same thing.

The law of attraction

Ciertamente es la ley más conocida y a menudo se usa para manifestar propósitos, para atraer tus gustos y que estás enfocado en tus metas. Esta ley refleja la ley de las vibraciones.

Law of perpetual transmutation of energy

The law outlines that everything on a planetary surface can be changed continuously. Actions are governed by thought, and this thought itself is a demonstration Has anyone ever experienced feeling tired from the stress of a situation or feeling irritable? That is a good illustration.

Law of relativity

Obviously this law implies that the world can be easily contrasted with others, it is true that everything has neutrality. Relativism exists in everything and, ultimately, meaning is limited by perceptions. Application can help us appreciate difficult situations more compassionately. It is better to appreciate everything, but not to compare ourselves to anyone else.

Inspired action

It means taking action by taking real steps that help attract the desired outcome in our lives. Inspiration sometimes comes from within. Making a difference in our lives by focusing on slowing down isolated time. If we let go of the need to organize and coordinate, we have a choice about everything.

Polarity law

The Law says that every human existence has an opposite. It is important that we see this as one side, it is the same coin. When a rupture occurs or is difficult to handle, see how that appears to other people and this can provide you with a new point of view and a lesson.

Everything is dual and everyone has its opposite. The law says that the positions are equal but in different degrees. Love and hate have different vibrations but on the same side. We have light and darkness. The challenge in this world is their integration in our lives.

"All things are opposites." From inside/outside male/female, etc. All of creation are two opposites in some sense.

Cause and effect

These laws are also famous because they focus on what we have learned. All causes have effects. All that you give will be given to you in equal amounts. But whatever you do comes with an intensity corresponding to that of your intention. This is called "karma". Gravity has a law and affects everyone regardless of our knowledge.

Compensation Law

Esta ley tiene una fuerte conexión con la atracción. Se dice: «Es lo que estoy sembrando». Establezca que obtendrá más resultados trabajando duro. Los que buscan algo deben contribuir de alguna manera a este objetivo.

The law of correspondence

The law also shows the pattern that is repeated throughout the universe. Our reality reflects our experience. It says that if you are above you are below. When someone feels fear they have a sense of chaos and fear. If you live in peace you will feel in tranquility.

There is a connection between the three planes of existence: spirit, mentality and physical; the easiest way to explain this is by the following expression: The physical world has a mixture of material and vibrational energy. All things emit energy in different frequencies, in different ways, but ultimately in energy. Energy is unique because it is constantly moving and nothing is static. All perceptions come by vibration, we emit a sensation that is vibration.

As it is inside, so it is outside. This is called the law of mirroring. So what you perceive as reality from the inside is what you believe. When you see someone you don't know what their view of them is, it affects your life. How can I change the way I see someone's neighbor?


All things are mental. Everything that has been created first must be thought first. And that is all that is possible.

All life is mind. Mind can be transformed in infinite ways. It governs our life and as good children we have the power to create in the same way. I know we cannot create our planet as gods.

Law of Rhythm.

All things move on the earth like a pendulum - everything moves from place to place, everything rises and falls, everything floats and floats in and out, lives and dies. All life has its own rhythm.

All things are rewarded and have rhythms." Just in the way that when the moon approaches the earth it affects the water all movement in creation compensates against that movement and keeps the world balanced. For us, the word "rhythm" means "process" something we are not very satisfied with because we want it now.

Metaphysical Laws are also known as Universal Laws.

What Are Universal Laws?

They are universal truths that affect mental, physical and spiritual life. If you abide by them, you will have a fuller and more balanced life. If you do not abide by them, you will have some kind of consequence or disorder in your life.

Just as there are "earthly or human" laws, these laws make your life easier or more complicated depending on whether you apply them or not.

The 7 Universal Laws

They are the 7 primary laws of Hermes Trismegistus. Explained by The Kybalion.

Other Universal Laws of the Universe

Laws of the Universe - Examples:

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Law of Opulence

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